Camila reinvents her song “This moment” with Manuel Medrano

There are songs that never stop vibrating, that only need a special touch to resurface with all the force of their message, such as the unforgettable This moment, being the first track which presents the band with the greatest impact in the history of the ballad in Spanish.

Camila’s new single features double Latin Grammy winner Manuel Medrano, who puts a unique touch on the great track of the duo formed by Mario Domm and Pablo Hurtado.

“Has it happened to you that one of your favorite songs by an artist is one that never played on the radio?”, Expressed through a press release the composer and guitarist of the band, Pablo Hurtado. “One day talking about this, Mario and I came to the conclusion that one of our favorites from Elypse was never easy and we love it.”. In such a way the artists returned to the track to reinvent it with new arrangements and with the fusion of voices between Mario Domm and Manuel Medrano.

“It is a song where very special people join, starting with the authors. Writing with Vicente García and Mónica Vélez was an unrepeatable experience. The orchestral arrangement was in charge of the composer and arranger of many Hollywood films, maestro Roque Baños”, Said Mario Domm, who produced the song, giving a twist to what was done on the Platinum + Gold certified album, Elypse (2014). To which he added: “The mix by the very talented producer Ettore Grenci and the love that my brother Manuel Medrano put into this collaboration made these minutes of energy somewhat chilling”.

For his part, the Latin Grammy winner for best new artist and best singer-songwriter album, Manuel Medrano, shared the excitement of collaborating with this track saying: “One of the most beautiful things that music has taught me is that dreams do come true. After years of listening to Camila’s music, watching her videos and crying and laughing with her songs, today I have the pleasure of singing together.”. This without ceasing to emphasize the importance of the single: “This moment marks a before and after in Latin music. It is a song that reaches the heart ”.

This song joins the celebrations for Camila’s first fifteen years of career. A path that has marked one of the highest points of the ballad in Spanish. This thanks to sensitive topics like This moment or unforgettable albums like the double diamond (in Mexico) Stop Loving You or quadruple platinum (in Mexico) Everything changed. A whole life story that marks a before and after in Spanish music.

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