Don’t Miss Out On These Life- Altering And Interesting Novels That Will Grab Onto Your Attention At Once!

Bookworms simply cannot get enough of the sweet smell of all the books in the world, as what we have is never enough for all book lovers alike! We have a few suggestions if you are thinking of grabbing a few more books to spend your holiday season!

Here Are Some Of The Must- Reads For All The Bookworms Out There!

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3. Luster By Raven Leilani: Raven Leilani tells us a story of the millennial of this generation and the impact of race and class along with the perfect valance of wit and compassion. The novel follows the story of an unconventional person named Edie. The story is funny, witty, and a must-read.

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4. The Comeback By Ella Berman: Ella Berman depicts a poignant picture of a woman whose life goes through the whims and franchise of the world of glamour and how she loses all in this harrowing journey while being a muse to a director and failing into the deathly clutches of addiction and mental illness.

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