Eva Marie Saint Talks (Briefly) About “Superman” Sequel

While lovable old actress Eva Marie Saint was done performing at Bowling Green State University, some of the students asked her about (what else?) when she’d be returning for the “Superman Returns” sequel — and the gal had some info!

OK, so it’s nothing all that shocking: Ms. Saint reported that she had indeed signed on for a Part 2, although she has no idea who the villain might be. She also mentioned that her character might hang out a bit with Lois Lane and her super-kid, but beyond that the actress either doesn’t know … or cannot say.

The (allegedly) $270 million “Superman Returns” grossed about $391 million in worldwide box office last summer. Producers were obviously expecting a bigger hit, but they weren’t so disappointed as to cancel the sequel plans. More on “S2” when it becomes available.

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