Gossip Girl : premières images évocatrices de la nouvelle série

Spotted! After the official announcement of a sequel to the famous teen drama “Gossip Girl”, here are finally the first images. What to eat while waiting for the release of the new series “Gossip Girl”, scheduled for 2021 on HBO Max.

Gossip Girl : the reboot in pictures

It was THE iconic television series of Golden New York Youth. Gossip Girl ended in 2012 after six years of loyal service. Seven years later, the creators of the teen drama formalized the news. Gossip Girl will indeed be entitled to a sequel, broadcast on HBO Max.

One year of waiting and Gossip Girl version 2.0 finally unveils its first images. It must be said that the shooting was initially scheduled for March, but only started November (welcome to the new world of production!). We can finally see what it looks like the reboot characters and let our imaginations run wild on the scenario of the new series.

Pleated skirts, tartan ties, laptop in hand. No doubt, we are in the company of the succession of Constance Billard, the iconic New York private school where we discovered Blair, Serena and all the clique of Gossip Girl in 2007 (yes, 13 years ago already).

Reunion at the flagship place of Gossip Girl

What do the first images say of Gossip Girl ?

Gossip Girl fed his fan base twists and turns fit for biggest teen drama during six seasons. But what will happen in his reboot? The announced pitch is still vague at the moment. Height years after the closure of the Gossip Girl blog, a new generation of students from Constance Billard are discovering the famous gossip website.

One thing is certain: the reboot action of Gossip Girl will be written in the present. Therefore, in a very different society. How to explore the central theme of social networks? Will the writers give way to la vague post #MeToo or to un New-York post-Covid ? We will have to wait until 2021 to find out.

For the first season of the reboot of Gossip Girl, ten episodes have been ordered. Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz, co-creators of the original series, are back in charge. By the way, the series is called reboot everywhere on the web, but it is indeed a sequel to the story of Gossip Girl, not a remake. New characters, therefore, will allude to the generation Gossip Girl of yesteryear. But without no member of the original cast, except Kristen Bell, who will reprise her role in the narration of the series.

A Gossip Girl more inclusive

After announcing the distribution of the new tape Gossip Girl, we can finally see what it looks like IRL. Evan Mock, Eli Brown, Zión Moreno, Emily Alyn Lind (Revenge), Thomas Doherty (Legacies), Jordan Alexander and Savannah Lee Smith make up the group of young actors. To see if Gossip Girl will be their springboard, just like their predecessors Blake Lively, Leighton Meester or Penn Badgley. Their careers had just exploded thanks to the series.

If the plot of the reboot of Gossip Girl stay at first sight anchored in a certain social category, the distribution would be deliberately more inclusive. Indeed, Joshua Safran screenwriter and producer of Gossip Girl, had announced to Vulture, last year already, want a casting more representative than the previous one.

Another point of divergence from the original series Gossip Girl (and not the least for Joshua Safran): the new generation Gossip Girl highlights LGBT + characters. And she would even be very, very queer.

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