How Disney can still make George Lucas’ Star Wars sequels

George Lucas wanted Darth Maul to be the villain of the sequel trilogy. If you follow Star Wars chatter online, you’ve probably already heard this one. And if you doubt that George Lucas actually said this, well, it’s true, and it wasn’t in a random interview either.

In the final pages of a mammoth new coffee table book called , Lucas tells author Paul Duncan exactly what he had in mind for his sequels, and how it differed from what we ended-up seeing with the official sequel trilogy.

Here’s the thing, though. If you dig into the details of Lucas’s plan for a sequel trilogy, the basic story could still be done. And, the best part is, nothing that happens in The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, or The Rise of Skywalker would have to be contradicted. In fact, if Disney has any moxie, the studio will make Lucas’ plan for these sequel stories happen in the form of a Disney+ miniseries. Here’s how it could work.

First things first. There is no reason to believe that Disney and Lucasfilm are planning a miniseries or series of films focused on the Skywalkers set just after Return of the Jedi. Yes, there’s been rumors of a Han Solo series and a Lando Calrissian series, but that’s about it. The actual news is George Lucas outlining his ideas for how his sequel trilogy would have gone. Let’s break down the basics of what he said.

  • Leia would have been the most important character, “the Chosen One.” (But mostly as a political leader, not a Jedi!)
  • Luke would have started to rebuild the Jedi Order, eventually.
  • Darth Maul would have trained a female Sith named Darth Talon, who would have been the true villain
  • Rogue Stormtroopers would have “started their own planets.”

Of all these details, the only one that is a challenge to existing canon is the idea that Darth Maul died in Star Wars Rebels, which means he’s not around to act as a looming post-Return of the Jedi figure because, in canon, he dies before A New Hope. But, considering Maul trained an apprentice in Lucas’s version, it would be pretty easy to make one modification, and then, adapt Lucas’ ideas outright into a Disney+ miniseries.

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