How to cook mussels so that they are just right

If you feel like it eat seafood, mussels are the perfect type to cook at any time, making it the favorite dish of many thanks to the fact that they are so versatile.

Mussels can be prepared in multiple ways, although the preferred one for many is to steam it, as it is the most traditional way, in addition to being highly nutritious with a high protein load and few calories, proving to be beneficial from various perspectives.

Although there are many other preparations, steaming them requires very little time of dedication and does not require extra ingredients. Take into account its cleaning, cooking and preparation will be the necessary point to obtain a perfect steam cooking result.

Essential ingredients for this recipe:

  • 1 kg of mussels

Steps to cook mussels:

We must bear in mind that mussels they are live mollusks, so care must be taken not to consume them beyond two days after capture.

1: Discard those with a broken shell, open or that do not close when touched

2: Next, place them under the tap and using a knife, clean them, removing any residue and impurities

3: Place a pot with water on the fire that covers its bottom as the seafood will release water

4: Add the white wine and place the mussels.

5: When boiling. cover the pot and leave them on the fire for 5 more minutes.

6: After this time, check if they have already been opened.

7: If they have already opened, drain the water conun strainerIf you wish, you can save this water to use it later in a fish broth.

8: Serve hot with salt and lemon to taste.

If after buying them you will not use them at the moment, you can preserve it in the refrigerator for no more than two days. Keep in mind that you must cover the container by placing a kitchen paper moistened with water

Different ways of preparing mussels

With lemon and pepper

If you want in addition to the lemon and pepper, you can add bay leaves and White wine to taste. And to enhance its flavor add parsley and sweet or hot paprika.

Remove the ‘leaflets’

Using fine-tipped tweezers, locate the filaments or barbs that are generally attached to the shells and remove them with force.

Later you should scrape the shells with a knife, removing any adhesion it has. After this, rub it with a brush with short cells on all sides, while you are cleaning it, place them in a bowl.

Prepare a mixture of cold water with salt and soak them with this mixture until they release all the impurities that may have their internal part. Replace the water a few times and rub them together.

Cook and open

Place them in a saucepan with little water and heat over high heat until they open, you can help yourself by moving the saucepan from time to time with strong movements so that they open faster.

Remember to discard those that do not open

Although there are different dressings for mussels which you can use according to your tastes, we suggest this idea that will highlight its flavor:

Place a glass of white wine in a pot or casserole, add bay leaf to taste and place some onion rings, you can also add some lemon peels. This mixture will give a rich flavor to the mussels.

10 useful tips

1 – Make sure that when you buy it, they are fresh and of good quality, although you can also choose them cooked or frozen, however, they will never present the same flavor

2 – Another observation to take into account when buying them is that they are well closed or almost closed, if they were open you can buy that they are in good condition and this is confirmed by tapping or feeling it with their hands, with this action they should react, as Otherwise they are in poor condition, keep in mind that these must be consumed within three days after purchase

3 – To ensure that they are kept alive and in excellent condition until they are prepared, you must wrap them in a cloth moistened with water, keeping them in the least cold part of the refrigerator, that is, in the area of ​​the vegetables.

4 – When acquiring it in canned presentation, it is necessary to take into account some precautions such as the following:

  • ½ cup of quality white wine
    • Make sure the cans are not bulging or dented, if so, discard it.

    5 – The easiest way to clean the mussels is with a steel scrubber like the ones you use to clean the pans, rub the mussels under the cold water tap

    6 – If you get a little dry when cooking it, you can prepare a besamel with onion and if you wish, add red peppers.

    7 – Another way to prepare them is without adding water or salt, letting them cook with their own juice and you just have to add a little Olivia oil or a little wine to taste, and if you wish, place a bay leaf

    8 – To make them shiny you must control the cooking time

    9 – When cooked, remove those that are closed.

    10 – It is essential to take into account the smell of the juice that they release, it must smell of the sea, in this case you can place it and freeze it, they can be used for another preparation. If, on the other hand, they have a regular smell, you should discard it.

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