One precious moment you may have missed from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding

Meghan Markle officially became the Duchess of Sussex on May 19 after she exchanged marriage vows with Prince Harry at Windsor Castle.

In the most romantic coupling of the year, as we waited with bated breath this morning to see the beautiful bride arrive at Windsor Castle grounds, the world witnessed a wedding like no other.

Truly diverse, this nuptial broke so many traditions in the best way possible, every moment of it was heartwarming. Having said that, there is one little moment from the wedding that you may have missed.

While we’ve scrutinized everything – especially Prince Harry’s emotional expression as Meghan, his future bride, walked through the door and how he had to fight back tears by looking at the floor when she spoke her vows. Although it was sweeter than honey, there was one other person in the room who couldn’t hold back her tears – and these tears came out of a bond that is perhaps much stronger than any other.

Yes, we are talking about Meghan’s mum Doria, quietly wiping away her tears as her baby girl walked the aisle all by herself exuding the confidence and power of a truly strong, independent yet so willfully grounded woman. Meghan didn’t falter, she didn’t fall…neither did her radiating smile ever leave her angelic face. Mumma Dorris’ pride was evident on her face. She was so proud that tears seemed like the only rational response.

As Prince Charles came in halfway through to walk her over to Harry, the attention focussed back to the bride and groom. But in a blink and you miss it moment, you see an emotional Doria Ragland catching Harry’s eye. Soon, what appears to be a comforting look is seen on her face. Harry is seen raising an eyebrow at her, perhaps asking her if she’s okay. Beat that!

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