Mossoul : le film de guerre de Netflix se dévoile dans un trailer spectaculaire

After “Tyler Rake”, the Russo brothers present on Netflix a war film, directed by Matthew Michael Carnahan. Camera glued to the equivalent of Mosul’s SWAT, the film recounts their battles against the Islamic State. A first trailer has been unveiled and it promises a show.

Presented at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, the film Mosul then did not yet have a distributor, at least internationally. A little more than a year later, it is on Netflix that we will find out. As with almost all of the other films we were to discover this year, this one was obviously a victim of the Covid pandemic. Lucky for him, he slipped through the drops so he could introduce himself to the world on Netflix. November 26. And to prepare his audience, Netflix unveiled a spectacular trailer.

Mosul, tragedy of our time

The one that we know as the second city of Iraq, the Mecca of Arab civilization, has tragically in the news in recent years, during the establishment of the caliphate of the Islamic State. Under the influence of the terrorist organization, it was occupied between June 2014 and July 2017, finally released after a battle that lasted nine months. Mosul, directed by Matthew Michael Carnahan, Joe’s brother, follows a team of elite city police officers in their advance to defeat the enemy but also to fulfill a particular mission… Matthew Michael Carnahan, whose first production is here, filmed in the local Iraqi dialect and directed a cast formed in the region to adopt the most realistic approach possible.

The images herald an impressive spectacle, with a very sustained pace of action. In addition to discovering the Arab point of view, and therefore Mosuliote, in an American production on the subject, we can count on the production quality of the Russo brothers to present very high level combat sequences, as they already did for Netflix with Tyler Rake. Enthusiastic about the good feedback from presentations at festivals, they wanted a theatrical release. A bad for a possible good, Mosul which could be a great success for the platform. Reply November 26.

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