Wedding under the snowflakes: we would have liked to offer these gifts to these series characters

Looking at the current situation, the only halo of light and hope we have is Christmas. No problem that we are in November, as long as we can have a decompression valve that envelops us in a cocoon of softness. It’s kind of the effect Christmas has on us, actually. And if we multiply the doudous readings, there are three books from the & H collection, Kiss you under the snow (Emily Blaine), Wedding under the snowflakes (Sarah Morgan) and Dear Santa, I would like a guy! (Caro M.Leene) that we would very much like to offer to certain characters in series if we could. Zoom.

The book Dear Santa, I would like a guy!, for Brooke Davis of Brothers Scott

Brooke Davis, played by Sophia Bush in The Scott brothers, is certainly one of the most popular singles on the small screen. And if she ends up finding love with Julian, Brooke suffered a number of romantic disappointments before finding the man of her life. At the time when she chained relations without a future, we would have gladly slipped under her tree the book Dear Santa, I would like a guy! of Caro M. Leene. Published in the & H collection, Dear Santa, I would like a guy! tells the story of Aly, a young woman whom her ex cheated on. At the dawn of Christmas she makes a list of everything she would like to find at the foot of the tree such as ” a guy who would meet the five fundamental criteria namely: hot, kind, caring, generous (sexually speaking I mean) and FAITHFUL And two or three other more personal things like sex toys. If this letter was intended for Maureen, her best friend, Aly accidentally sends it to Evan, her boss who annoys her (but whom she still finds sexy). The dumpling. It is on this big blunder that Caro M. Leene’s book starts. Funny, with allure of Bridget Jones, this book can be devoured in no time. An ideal gift therefore for hardened singles, sticky lovers in love who think that a Christmas miracle never happens. Aly, the heroine is the proof: miracles happen.

The cookbook Friends for Dean Winchester de Supernatural

While Supernatural is coming to an end soon, if our mission was to give Dean Winchester a gift it would definitely be the cookbook Friends. Dean is a very greedy character who has a strong taste for pies. Much to offer him new culinary perspectives, he could embark on Rachel’s Diplomate for example. Shall we pack him up?

Kiss you under the snow for Jules from Dollface

If your memories are good, Jules de Dollface gets dumped from the first minutes of the series. A bit like Juliette, the heroine of Kiss you under the snow, the novel by Emily Blaine. And if Jules takes the opportunity to reconnect with her friends whom she had left aside, Juliette, she throws herself headlong into work. She is tasked with organizing a concert by Evan MacNeil, a famous rocker who has just lost his brother, for a charity gala that his club oversees. At the same time, she will embark on a mysterious correspondence by text with a stranger to engage in a funny kissing contest … If we imagine very quickly what will happen to Juliette, the novel by Emily Blaine is the perfect comfort to escape from the current situation, for example. The characters are touching, endearing and we take a sincere pleasure to see Juliette breaking her shell and Evan freeing himself from his solitude.

Funky Christmas decorations for Lily from Dash & Lily

Wedding under the snowflakes for Susan Mayer from Desperate Housewives

Ah Susan. We almost all agree that Desperate Housewives, Susan is the stickiest. Also, to give him a little balm in the heart, we would offer him the book Wedding under the snowflakes by Sarah Morgan. Why ? Because the book has a choral construction, which gives to see the same event under different prisms. And it reminds us of the Desperates in Wisteria Lane. At the heart of the concerns is the marriage of Rosie, 22. While she finds that there is nothing more romantic than a wedding in the snow on Christmas Day, her family doesn’t quite share her point of view. And for good reason, Rosie did not meet the lucky one only a few weeks ago… For her part, Katie, the big sister of the future bride must compose with Jordan the witness of the groom who puts a few sticks in the wheels. A sweet, funny novel with endearing characters that balances the heart. Exactly what Susan needs!

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