Steven Caple, Jr. To Direct New ‘Transformers’ Film Aimed At Revamping The Franchise

The revamped “Transformers” universe has its next filmmaker. With Michael Bay stepping aside, the “Transformers” franchise needs a new vision and it appears that Paramount and Hasbro have found their director in Steven Caple, Jr.

According to Deadline, the studio behind “Transformers” is expected to sign Steven Caple, Jr. as the director of the next film in the franchise and the first in the “revamped” vision for the cinematic universe. As has been widely reported, Paramount and Hasbro have been hoping to find a way to relaunch the “Transformers” universe since the departure of Michael Bay. To help in their vision, the studios commissioned two scripts, one by James Vanderbilt and one by Joby Harold, to help figure out the direction they wanted to move in. Apparently, the studio has decided Harold’s script is the winner and now they’re trying to get Caple signed on to direct.

Caple is probably best known for his work as filmmaker on the highly-successful film, “Creed 2,” taking over for Ryan Coogler. Before that, the director worked on the feature, “The Land.” Obviously, relaunching the “Transformers” franchise is his biggest gig in Hollywood yet.

If you follow the “Transformer” films, you know that the quality of the features was steadily declining with each new Bay-directed sequel. Spectacle and ridiculous plots took over for quality storytelling and the box office suffered. Paramount hoped to revamp the franchise with 2018’s “Bumblebee,” which was much better received by fans and critics but didn’t quite set the box office ablaze. Now, Paramount is hoping Caple is the man that can help relaunch the franchise and kickstart a new generation of films.

It’s unclear when production might begin on a new “Transformers” but with Paramount understanding this is a billion-dollar franchise, we can expect it to move pretty quickly.

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