TI, Jeezy, Gucci Mane … who really invented trap music?

This is the event that will stir American rap throughout the week: the clash between Gucci Mane and Jeezy. Fifteen years after an ultra-violent clash, the two rappers will soon meet for season 2 of Versuz, a battle show launched during the first confinement by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz and now available on Apple Music. A confrontation between two pioneers of the Atlanta trap. The perfect opportunity to come back to the origins of this musical movement.

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It must be recognized that trap music is the big trend in contemporary rap. Obviously, there are many rappers who claim to have invented it, including TI, Jeezy and Gucci Mane. Let’s end the debate before Lil Pump asks for his piece of the pie.

In rap, there are two subjects that come up regularly: on the one hand, there are the rappers who compare themselves to 2Pac, and on the other, those who claim to be the inventors of the trap. . This genre from the now predominant Dirty South has propelled Atlanta to the top of the contemporary hip-hop landscape, ahead of the unmistakable New York and Los Angeles.

To open the debate, on my left, TI, the incarcerated king turned activist; to my right, the fantastic Gucci Mane and his ice cream tattooed on his face. The two rappers have entered the arena and are ready to fight with great blows of arguments.

T.I. vs. Gucci Mane

The first time TI claims to have invented trap music was in 2012, during an interview with Funkmaster Flex. His argument is simple: before him and his aptly titled album Trap Music, this musical genre did not exist:

“Before I got into the game there was only Lil Jon, OutKast, Goodie Mob, okay? So there was Crunk Music (a style that Lil Jon pioneered) and Organized Noize (the producers of the Dungeon Family).

Trap music didn’t exist, I created that, I coined the term, google check, it’s the truth. It was even the title of my second album released in 2003. It was after this whole new kind of music arrived. I opened the door. “

Words he repeated last year at the microphone of Angie Martinez, during the Breakfast Club, flagship show of New York radio station Power 105.1:

“A lot of people don’t know that I made trap. Honestly, I didn’t think I got that old. Before me, trap didn’t exist. There was OutKast and crunk, Organized Noize and crunk. Before that, there was nothing else. “

If the self-proclaimed King of the South seems confident, his words were not to the taste of Gucci Mane, also one of the pioneers of trap music. According to him and his last Instagram post, the genre was born in 2005, through his album Trap House, released in May of that year. Difficult then to give it credit in view of the argument cited just above.

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However, the first to question this fact, it is not Jeezy, but TI, Clifford Harris Jr. of his real name, who decidedly does not let go. It has once again stepped up to the plate this Monday, April 9. In a scathing tweet accompanied by a screen from the Wikipedia page of his album, he reaffirmed a title that he says is rightfully his:

Ok,so…. AGAIN for the slow ones in the back…August 19th,2003 Birth of Trap Muzik & Only fools dispute facts!!! FOH wit that Christopher Columbus ass…“Look what I discovered,even though they was already here ass shit!!!!”WITCHO GOOD CAPPIN ASS

“Ok, I repeat myself once again for those who are hard of the sheet: August 19, 2003, it is the birth of the music trap. Only the lunatics will come to dispute this proven fact. Shut up to all take you for Christopher Columbus … Look what I discovered, even if they think they were there before. You mythos. “

To find the truth, let’s question the history of trap music. What does it tell us? That TI may have paved the way, but other explorers have ventured there long before him. It is therefore time to restore the truth: who really carried the beginnings of the genre?

The first explorers

To find the answer, let’s take a look at the different criteria that shape the identity of the trap. Beyond music, the first trappers adopted a real lifestyle. Facts of gangsterism, apology for the street, weapons, the sale of drugs and procuring, the trap (trap in English) has arrived to transpose this way of life strewn with pitfalls in music.

All while exploring sounds never before seen in rap: saturated productions made of loud bass drums, hi-hat, dynamic cymbals and 808 bass samples. In short, an immediately recognizable formula that has become commonplace today in the music industry. hip-hop.

Now let’s leave Texas to head for Memphis, a second flagship city of the southern trap in the United States. In 1994, the duo 8Ball and MJG added their stone to this emerging building, with their album On the Outside Looking In.

It’s the King b**tch !

TI may not be the founding father of trap music, but let’s not take away from Caesar what is Caesar either. Alongside Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, he forms the holy trinity of popular Atlanta trap. Each in their own way, these three artists made it possible to popularize the genre to the point of making it the great trend of current rap. Clifford Harris Jr. arguably more than the others for that matter. And that is undeniable.

Indeed, the rapper, in addition to being the one who will name the genre in 2003, is the first to clearly assume his positioning. And this despite the bitter failure of his first album I’m Serious, released in 2001. With hits like “24s”, “Rubber Band Man”, “Be Easy” or “Let’s Get Away”, TI has indeed put in the spotlight the daily life of narcotics and the galleys of the street.

So instead of fighting, TI and Gucci Mane, bury your differences, Gucci, also forget your clash with Young Jeezy, call him and let the three of you shine together the aura of Atlanta’s trap debut.

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