20-Minute Ab Workout Using a Foam Roller

You may have used a foam roller to help ease or prevent tight muscles for workout recovery, but did you know you can use one to get stronger? ACE health coach and NASM-certified personal trainer Brittany Noelle created this 20-minute ab and glute workout for POPSUGAR that uses a foam roller to strengthen your core. She said these six exercises will also build stability and solid core foundation, which is helpful for everyday movements, as well as other workouts you do.

20-Minute Foam Roller Ab and Glute Workout

Equipment needed: foam roller

Directions: Do a quick warm up with 20 jumping jacks, eight to 10 inchworms, and 15 bodyweight squats. Then complete the workout below.

After the workout, do this 10-minute stretching routine.

Read on for directions for each exercise.

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