Genelia Deshmukh: Ready to do a Marathi film now

A still from the film

Quiz her on why the Anees Bazmee-directed venture did not see the light of day for so long, and she says, “The producer would be the right person to answer that question.”

Over the past few years, Deshmukh has been busy raising sons Riaan and Rahyl. Now, the charm of the big screen is calling out to the actor in her. “The kids have grown up. So, I am planning to [return to movies] next year. I have done films in different languages, including Tamil and Telugu. Considering I speak Marathi so much at home, I am ready to do a Marathi film now. Riteish [Deshmukh, husband] had suggested that I try my hand at Marathi cinema. Also, I have almost given my nod to a digital project.”

Deshmukh acknowledges that in the past few years, the Hindi film industry has changed for the better. “After having a great run in the movies, I needed a break and wanted to concentrate on the new phase in my life. At the time, there was a fear that if you’re married and have kids, you can’t return to the movies. But the situation has changed today. Now, an actor doesn’t need to be visible all the time.”

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