‘Miss America 2020’: Fans praise Miss Alabama for her message about acceptance of LGBTQ, boo judges for eliminating her

The 93rd year of Miss America beauty competition is currently airing live from Mohegan Sun Earth Expo and Convention Center in Uncasville. NBC, for the first time, is offering its platform for the live telecast of ‘Miss America 2020’.

Fifty-one contestants from across the nation, each representing a state, have gathered to compete against one another for the prestigious title and scholarships, which they will carry along with them touring the world, advocating causes close to their heart.

Tonight’s event kicked off with the introduction of each of 51 contestants whose expertise lies in varied fields, including science, math, medicine, business and more. Following the preliminary rounds in which they were judged based on four segments, the total contestants were brought down to 15. They were further cut down to seven based on the judge’s points.

Miss Alabama Tiara Pennington was one of the Top 7 contestants to make it to the semifinals of ‘Miss America 2020’. During her interaction with the judges, she had a powerful message to give away about the acceptance and treatment of the LGBTQ community.

“We need to start accepting who weren’t accepted before,” she said, talking about inclusiveness and diversity.

It wasn’t only her social message that caught our attention. When Kelly Rowland asked her to describe herself in a word, Price responded, “Chill”. She further stated how she has remained calm throughout the competition and focusing only on what is important.

Unfortunately, Price didn’t make it through the Top 5 and exited the contest despite coming close to winning the crown.

Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment in Price’s elimination. A fan wrote, “Miss Alabama being eliminated just upset me because her answers were more thorough than the two others that just got chosen. #MissAmerica”.

“Whoever is letting go of Miss Texas and Miss Alabama is a total grinch. Booooo! #MissAmerica2020,” another added.

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