So You’ve Been Kicked Out Of Doggy Daycare: What Next?

(Picture Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images)

Doggy Daycare can be an important part of a dog’s socialization and exercise. It can also be super convenient for pet parents who want to board their dogs while on vacation or at work and a real necessity for those who don’t have a yard.

But not all dogs do well in daycare, and they may be asked to leave. It happens. Different dogs enjoy different forms of play, and some may be considered too enthusiastic for daycare.

So, what do you do if your dog gets “the boot” from doggy daycare?

What Should You Do?

Take the following tips as starting points. If one doesn’t work, try another that will address your doggy daycare dropout’s needs.

  • Don’t panic. If your dog otherwise behaves well, is great with your family and other dogs, and just doesn’t do well in daycare, there is nothing wrong with your dog. Some dogs just don’t like daycare.

Dogs Are Individuals

Dogs have their own personalities and needs. If your dog experiences daycare issues, it might be a setback, but it doesn’t have to be a huge problem. Think of it as an opportunity to get to know your dog better and find a more suitable situation for them.

For example, I have a Bulldog. She can be overly focused on one dog and not get the hint that another dog doesn’t want to play with her. It doesn’t always go over well. They’re called “bullies,” after all.

When one daycare couldn’t handle her, I was upset and thought it was the end of daycare for my pup. A few days later, I found a new daycare that understood the needs of Bulldogs — they had eleven who visited regularly. They were also a few miles closer and a few dollars cheaper.

Best of all, my pup loved it there. So maybe it worked out for the best.

By the way, when I told a friend about our daycare expulsion, she suggested letting our dogs play together and seeing how it would go. Her endless energy Pittie pup is a great match for my Bulldog who loves to wrestle. Now we have our own dog park daycare several times each week. That’s a very happy ending!

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