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An essential sector

The agri-food sector has become a basic sector during the COVID-19 pandemic by performing an essential activity for the supply of food to the population. During the months of confinement, the entire food chain made up of farmers, ranchers, fishermen, cooperatives, as well as the food industry, wholesalers, retail, distribution and logistics, had to adapt quickly to be able to guarantee the supply of food to the population.

The importance of Spanish agri-food exports

In line with this situation, CaixaBank Research recently published the which shows that the agri-food sector is an essential pillar of the Spanish economy, being one of the least affected by the crisis. The primary sector gained weight in the whole of the Spanish economy in the second quarter of 2020, contributing 3.8% of GDP, compared to the contribution of 2.7% registered in 2019. Similarly, the evolution of its labor market has been relatively favorable and has registered a lower job destruction, with a lower proportion of workers affected by ERTE.

The good performance of the agri-food sector during the health crisis is partly related to the evolution of agri-food exports during this period. Since a large part of the sector’s production, approximately 50,000 million euros, is destined for export, thus becoming the fourth exporting economy in the sector in the European Union and the seventh worldwide.

Fruits, vegetables and pork have been the great demanders

During the months of January to July, exports from the Spanish agri-food sector increased by 4.9% year-on-year. All in a context in which international trade has suffered particularly hard from the impact of the crisis.

In this sense, products such as pork, fruits and some fresh vegetables have been the products with the highest demand, highlighting the rebound in citrus exports in Europe and pork in Asia. As for the regions with the highest increase in exports, between January and July 2020, Aragon and the Basque Country stand out with 33.8% and 13.3% respectively more than the previous year during the same period.

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