How to disable Pen and Touch actions on Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface offers a touch screen along with support for Pen. However, not everyone uses it, and if you need to disable both Pen and Touch actions on Microsoft Surface, this post will help you get it done.

Disable Pen and Touch actions on Microsoft Surface

The straightforward way to do this is through the Device Manager, where you get access to all the touch components.

  • Open Device Manager using keyboard shortcut WIN + X, followed by M
  • Select the arrow next to Human Interface Devices and then select the HID-compliant touch screen.

You will have to repeat this multiple times if you have more than one HID-compliant touchscreen device listed.

Touch issues when using a Pen?

If you came here looking to disable hand input or palm rejection when a pen is connected, and used, then you can change it from the Windows 10 Settings, Devices section. Under Pen & Windows Ink, check the box which says “Ignore touch input when I am using my pen” under the Pen section.

Disable TouchScreen using Registry

While it works on Surface, and it will work on any laptop with touch. It is also simpler than changing things from the Device Manager, but since it is changing things in the Registry, make sure to take a backup.

Hope this helped.

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