WATCH: Grafton Street packed with crowd singing Oasis song

Grafton Street was subject to a large crowd last night singing Don’t Look Back In Anger

Footage of Grafton Steet from last night has emerged online of a large crowd singing Don’t Look Back In Anger by Oasis.

No social distancing can be observed while nobody present is wearing a face mask.

PA Media Journalist Áine McMahon wrote on Twitter: “It’s Grafton street this week but without the takeaway pints.. just bad Oasis covers.”

Grafton Street tonight

— Rafal Kostrzewa (@Dublinheadshot)

The scenes of last night in Dublin city centre come after Grogans Castle Lounge on South William Street was left in a “disgraceful state” after an overnight street party last week.

Meanwhile, in Cork, nine people have been arrested on foot of large crowds gathering in the city centre.

I think the Government should now impose Level 6 restrictions, which bans people from singing Oasis on the street

— Fintan Walsh (@FintanYTWalsh)

All these people on Grafton Street and Cork City and congregating anywhere in Ireland are nothing but clueless selfish idiots that are making sure the virus stays around a lot longer than necessary- and the worst part is some of these fucking apes have degrees in bolloxoligy ?

— John Casey (@jcasey67)

I was so mad after seeing that Grafton Street video that I had to go outside and devise a solution for tidying up my garden tools and also build a wee wall

— Gerry McBride (@GerryMcBride)

The video from Cork is a bit wild, but there’s no more people there than I saw on Grafton street yesterday. Moreover, the nasal-gazing tone of the person in the video is a bit ironic given they’re also out on the street during lockdown ?‍♂️

— Kevin (@kev_d)

This was Grafton street at 5.30 last night. That’s not even level 3 type crowds. There are no shops open but the streets are packed. It’s bizzare, I’m at a lose as to why so many people want to be there.

— who me? (@stephennolan17)

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