The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1, Episode 8 recap: The Sky Is a Graveyard

In Episode 8 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the group debates what to do about Silas, and one of them may be working with CRM.

Following the events from the previous episode, episode 8 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond begins with Silas tied to a swing set outside. Inside, the group is split with Iris and Elton believing Silas did not kill Tony and Percy while Hope, Felix, and Huck find him guilty.

The group automatically assumes Percy is dead due to a blood trail that leads to the river but no signs of his body. The group is baffled about what would drive Silas to kill them when Huck digs through Silas’s bag to reveal the poem and drawings Iris wrote and drew. Even with that supposed evidence, Iris cannot believe he is guilty regardless of how weird Hope finds the situation. Huck and Felix are at odds, unsure whether to leave Silas behind or take him with them.

Elton goes to Silas to reassure him that he believes he’s innocent and needs to find evidence to prove that. Even though Silas believes he is guilty due to his past violent acts, Elton reassures him that the only time he was violent was in self-defense of himself or someone else.

Felix also checks in on Silas, obviously conflicted; however, he cannot get through to him. Huck and Hope finish burying Tony’s body, where Huck gives her some questionable advice that Elton immediately shuts down when he and Hope debate about Silas again. Meanwhile, an empty makes it’s way towards Silas as he tries to untie his hands. He begins to reminisce about his past (more on that later).

Feeling ashamed for what he had done, he gives up and willing to die. Hope saves him, disgusted because he refused to call for help, and fixes the fence. While the group is unable to sleep, Elton appeals to Iris, stating that they should have as much say in what happens to Silas as the adults. The next morning Iris goes to Silas and asks point-blank why he kept her drawings.

He tells her that they were too beautiful to throw away. Iris desperately just wants him to admit he was innocent; however, he cannot. He doesn’t remember anything except being angry. He thanks her for believing in him and leaves, having untied his hands at some point in the night.

When Iris tells the group that Silas left, Elton immediately packs his things to follow him. When Elton tells Hope, he’s leaving and refuses to stop believing his mother and sister are still alive, Hope breaks down and confesses that she killed her by accident.

With the marble necklace in hand, Elton leaves utterly heartbroken, hoping to catch up with Silas. Silas manages to kill an empty without hesitation and leaves his headphones and music behind.

Nicolas Cantu as Elton, Hal Cumpston as Silas – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 8 recap: Silas’s Flashbacks

Silas’s flashbacks were hard to watch as he reflected on his past with his verbally and physically abusive father. At times Silas had nice memories with his father.

He introduced him to music, something Silas loves to the point he was constantly wearing headphones. However, his father was also a rage-filled, violent man who could turn on a dime and left no one, not even Silas’s mother unharmed. The focus of Silas’s flashback begins while his father is violently attacking him. Silas defends himself, beating his father to a pulp.

When he realizes what he had done, he has little time to react before the neighbor is at the door. The kind woman had heard the ruckus and feared for his and his mother’s life. Silas is able to convince her everything is fine and that his mother is at work. When she leaves, Silas notices his father is missing.

He follows noises from upstairs, where he finds his father has died and become an empty. Unsure what to do, Silas locks himself in his bedroom, looking what a way to escape. With bars on his windows, he resorts to listening to loud music to drown out his father’s groaning and banging against the door. After he drifts off, remembering a time when his father was kind, he wakes up to hear his mother coming home.

After saving his mother and killing his father, she is terrified of him, presumably fearing that her son is becoming violent like her dead husband.  It’s this tragic moment in Silas’s past that convinces himself that he is guilty of killing Tony and Percy. He cannot believe that he didn’t do it when he had killed before, even though it was all through self-defense. He fears that he is becoming his father.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 8 recap: Plot Twist

For those who had their suspicions that Huck could not be trusted, you were correct! After being absent most of the season, we find Elizabeth waiting for Huck at an undisclosed location. If that wasn’t enough, Huck might be Elizabeth’s daughter? The brief evidence we have of this is that when Huck arrives late, Elizabeth hands her a watch in which Huck asks, “is this dad’s?”.

Elizabeth also asks her about the “asset,” which Huck replies, “the asset’s safe.” With that revelation, the episode closes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 8 recap: Final Thoughts

It was tragic to watch Silas lose all sense of hope in himself, and I remain unconvinced that he killed Tony and Percy. Huck’s darker mindset of having to do what’s right no matter the cost made complete sense once she revealed she was spying for Elizabeth.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Huck has to choose between Elizabeth and her friends during these last two episodes. I am equally interested in how the group will react, especially Felix and Hope.

The last two episodes of The Walking Dead: World Beyond will air on Nov. 29 on AMC.

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