Rozalén puts a face and a voice in sign language

Together with Spotify it collaborates in a campaign for the integration of people with hearing disabilities. Rozalén has the help of Beatriz Romero, who translates the artist’s songs into sign language.

Famous but involved and supportive, Rozalén He continues to put his face and his musical work in favor of the integration of people with disabilities. For a few days, Spotify and the popular singer flood the streets of Madrid with a campaign aimed specifically at people with hearing disabilities.

Rozalén, one of the most listened to Spanish artists in Spain, accumulates more than 2.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify. The singer-songwriter has always shown her commitment to people with hearing disabilities since its inception, and now seeks to raise awareness about the integration of this community thanks to the help of Beatriz Romero, who translates Rozalén’s songs into sign language and actively participates in this campaign. In this way, they will be showing a preview of some of the songs that make up this new album.

Beatriz Romero always accompanies the singer-songwriter in her concerts and is considered as part of the show. His interpretation is not a literal translation of the lyrics of the songs, but rather an adaptation that allows the translation to gestures of feelings and poetic images.

Rozalén is known for being one of the main voices of songwriting in Spain, and her most popular songs on Spotify include “Comiendo a Besos”, with more than 34 million views; “La Puerta Violeta”, with more than 27 million listeners; and «Vivir», the collaboration with Estopa that has already added more than 24 million reproductions.

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