Almeida understands the “minority” complaints of the Rastro merchants

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, highlighted the “minority criticisms ”of the Rastro merchants and he has stated that he understands that it is possible to disagree with the technical decisions, but that the position of the City Council is to “maintain the conditions that are essential to guarantee that infections do not occur”.

In statements offered to the media during the presentation of the CentroCentro Nativity Scene, Almeida has asserted that the Government of the capital must be guided “solely and exclusively” by the measures that they are indicated from Madrid Salud and the municipal Police

“We are not going to move from what the technical services of the Community of Madrid say, because they have the sufficient qualification and independence and experience to determine which are the conditions to open the Rastro ”, he explained.

Along these lines, he has emphasized that no “political decisions” should be made that could endanger the health of neighbors, visitors and workers of the traditional market.

“It is not the Trail that we all want or the one that we remember, but the truth is that the City Council has an obligation and responsibility, and we are not going to resign from functions due to a decision of a political nature in the face of any complaint ”, he concluded.

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