Joaquín Moeckel talks about Isabel Pantoja’s request

Some days ago, Fran and Cayetano Rivera sent through their lawyer a request to Isabel Pantoja with which they claimed from the singer the belongings that her father, Paquirri, left for them in the will. Some personal belongings of bullfighting that, according to Kiko Rivera, remain in Cantora in the tonadillera’s secret room and that reveals that the famous robbery alleged by the queen of the copla was an excuse for not giving things to Carmina’s children Ordonez.

Isabel Pantoja’s answer to the request? He alleged that he did not remember having signed the document in which belongings were left to these children at that time. That is, he did not say that he does not have them, but that he did not remember having signed a document for which he has to deliver them. The next step? The lawyer of Cayetano and Fran Rivera confesses it to us:

“It is based on a document from the year 87 that she says verbatim ‘I neither affirm nor deny that it exists, but I don’t remember signing it.’ Well, he has made it very easy for me, if that is the only problem I have I will return to the Medina Sidonia notary, ask the notary public again and tell them to give this document to Isabel Pantoja to refresh her memory. What I don’t know what he will say is when he sees the document. What is the next excuse? it has no excuse. If you don’t want to hand things over, say so “confesses the lawyer.

About how long they will have to wait for the delivery of Paquirri’s belongings, Joaquín is very clear: “I don’t know, I’ve been waiting for the age of Christ, 36 years, Isabel Pantoja says that the document is very old, check if it is old that you have not delivered the document that requires it for 33 years, can I explain it? “

And so much that Joaquín Moeckel is explained. Isabel Pantoja is locked up in her farm and in the same place she has her ideas, which seem to be running out. You will have to prepare a very good excuse this time to do not deliver these belongings because there is evidence that there he has what belongs to Cayetano and Fran Rivera and also a very valuable witness, his own son.

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