Chelsea Clinton shows off slim figure in form-fitting sheath dress just two months after giving birth to third child

It’s only been a little over two months since Chelsea Clinton gave birth, but the former first daughter has lost no time in getting back into shape, showing off her postpartum figure in a form-fitting sheath dress.

Chelsea, 39, who gave birth to her third child Jasper on July 22, was snapped in a cobalt blue pencil dress with a side ruffle that was lined in yellow, as well as her favorite leather nude heels as she stepped out of her New York City apartment building on September 29.

She wore her light brown hair loose around her shoulders and carried a maroon tote bag in the crook of her elbow as she made her way to the car that was waiting for her at the curb. Later the same day, Chelsea headed to ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,’ where she joined her mother Hillary Clinton to promote their new book ‘The Book of Gutsy Women.’

Set to release on Tuesday, October 1, the book will feature portraits of role models who inspire them, including the likes of Harriet Tubman and teenage Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

On the same day, People released a video of their interview with Chelsea and Hillary, where the former first daughter opened up about how her daughter Charlotte was handling becoming a big sister to her two brothers, three-year-old Aidan and two-month-old Jasper.

Chelsea said she was “so proud” of Charlotte and that she was “already being precocious and curious and asking lots of questions and teaching her younger brothers,” though she admitted she didn’t know how much Jasper understood.

The 39-year-old also revealed that Charlotte is a fan of strong female role models and that she looks up to Wonder Woman, who she joked is “hopefully next to me, the most important woman, maybe tied with Grandma.”

“Just that she already looks up to and understands this kind of gutsiness … I think that is the beginning of being gutsy for herself and hopefully for the community that she’ll build,” she added.

Hillary said her daughter is a “fabulous mother” and gushed that being a grandmother was “the best experience ever” and “so fulfilling.” She also said she was struck by how much Charlotte and her friends “take for granted some of the things that we had to work for and we had to keep working for because they were never actually secure.”

“She has a sense of possibility that I am thrilled to see along with all these other kids that are around her age,” she said, before noting that “the world in which she is coming to age in is a much more difficult world for kids,” she said.

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