Bigg Boss 14, Day 97, preview: ‘Abhi sabki value samajh mein aa rahi hai idhar rehke,’ Eijaz Khan turns emotional on meeting his brother

Bigg Boss 14, Day 97, 8th January 2021, preview:

The toughest part of Bigg Boss for the contestants is staying away from their families for long periods of time. While they do have the thirst to win the show and last for the longest time in the Bigg Boss house, they also miss their families dearly. So, when Bigg Boss arranges for a visit by family members, the emotions run high in the house. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Netizens NOT happy with Sonali Phogat targetting Nikki Tamboli’s mother for naming Rakhi Sawant for captaincy — read tweets

Rakhi Sawant gets to talk to her mother via a video call. Her mother tells her that she is in the hospital. She is shocked. “Main fasting karungi there liye idhar (I’ll fast for you here),” Rakhi tells her mother. “Maa Ritesh nahin aayega? (Mom, will Ritesh not come?) Bol na maa, ek baar to aaye ek baar to duniya ke saamne aaye, mera haath pakde. Maa, ek baar. (Tell me mom, just once, for once will he come in front of the world, hold my hand, just once)” Rakhi adds and cries inconsolably.

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