Bigg Boss 14: Kamya Panjabi REVEALS she is being trolled for not supporting Rubina Dilaik; says, ‘I won’t mince words when she’s wrong’

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rubina Dilaik has a massive fan following. She is considered as one of the finalists already. Former contestant and Rubina Dilaik’s friend Kamya Panjabi has been supporting her since the start. However, recently Rubina Dilaik has been bashed for making fun of Rakhi Sawant along with Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli. It all started after Rubina was seen laughing when Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli made fun of Rakhi Sawant’s cosmetic surgery on the show. Kamya Panjabi also did not like the way Rubina behaved. She revealed that she was trolled by Rubina’s fans for not supporting her. In an interview with ETimes, she spoke about the same. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Do you think Bigg Boss should have punished Rubina Dilaik and Eijaz Khan alongside Arshi Khan? — vote now

Kamya Panjabi said, “Rubina was a part of ‘Shakti’ for four years and we respect each other’s craft. I have high regards for her. I genuinely like her and was happy to see her on ‘BB14’. I support and appreciate her when she does well. But I won’t mince my words when she is wrong. Why should I not point it out? I am being trolled for writing about her conduct on the show in recent times. People are writing ‘Tumhare jaisi friend ho toh dushman ki zaroorat nahi’. I can’t support a friend blindly. I will point out when she goes wrong, be it in ‘Bigg Boss’ or in the real world. We have always appreciated and guided each other. That’s how we have been.” She also said that she will speak up if she does not like someone’s behaviour. Kamya Panjabi shared, “Even though Rubina didn’t say anything when Jasmin and Nikki were making fun of Rakhi, she sat there enjoying the drama unfolding. She didn’t stop them from running Rakhi down. I didn’t like her there. On ‘Bigg Boss’, it’s all about standing up for the right and fighting for the wronged. Those are the qualities of a true winner. If I don’t like someone’s behaviour, I will say it. I don’t care if people troll me for it.” Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Shilpa Shinde reacts to Vikas Gupta DRAGGING her name in the show; says, ‘ Don’t even talk about him’

Kamya Panjabi also called Jasmin Bhasin a vamp. She said, “However, I feel that the episode where Rubina showed her pinkie finger to Arshi Khan was blown out of proportion. She must have done it to irritate Arshi, unless the team working on the show has seen something more than just that. On another note, I disagree with Salman Khan, who told Rubina that she is looking her worst at this point. I think that title rests solely with Jasmin. She is actually the vamp on the show and is extremely irritating.” Kamya also feels that Rubina is a strong player and has her own opinion but this goes against Abhinav. She said, “It would have been better for Abhinav if he had come alone. Yahaan par nuksaan sirf Abhinav ka ho raha hai, Rubina ka nahi. Earlier, I thought that Rubina was being dominated by Abhinav, but I eventually realised that it was the other way round. She is a strong player and has her own opinions. I somehow feel that it’s going against Abhinav. He should not interfere in Rubina’s fights. His biggest drawback is that he is Rubina’s husband and has gone with her. So, he is expected to support his wife. But that’s ruining his game. Otherwise, he is a winning material.” Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant emerges as the family favourite for the ‘captaincy task’; gets support from Pramila Tamboli, Imran Khan and Shilpa Saklani

She also spoke about Rubina and Jasmin being called the face of the channel which airs Bigg Boss 14. She said, “Being the face of the channel and having the bahu image on TV… that’s bulls*it. If someone keeps on harping on it, it tends to influence viewers and is unfair on other contestants. They might think that they don’t stand a chance to win the show. It sounds like a dhamki. The audience takes their onscreen image into account and tends to support them blindly. ‘Bigg Boss’ isn’t about your screen image, but the real you. Just show viewers what the real Jasmin and Rubina are. Bahu bahu kya laga kar rakha hai. Rubina is not part of ‘Shakti’ anymore, she left the show a year ago. While I haven’t heard it from Rubina, Jasmin uses the card quite often. Besides, their bahu image is nowhere close to their true personality.”

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