Justin Theroux & His Dog Propose the Power of Hybrid Dressing

Who: Justin Theroux

What He’s Wearing: Um, technically speaking, his dog.

Why It Works: The past week saw Justin Theroux and his pitbull Kuma execute the kind of white-hot couples style that would leave even the Beckhams breathless. Check it out, they are literally attached to each other.

As a person with zero interest in dogs, the idea of a leash doubling as a belt was an immediate revelation. So much so that I had to seek a second opinion from Highsnobiety copy chief and resident pooch expert Johanna, to see if it was actually a thing. “It looks like he is using the (expensive, for sure) leash as a ‘belt,’ to me,” she confirms. “I’ve seen dog walkers do this plenty of times — it never looks less lame.” Lame? One’s trash is another’s treasure, and I, for one, admire both the practicality and inventiveness.

Luxury dogwear (*grimaces*) is serious business these days, with brands such as Burberry, Heron Preston, and Moncler Genius all pumping out toys and wearable gear. Who knows, maybe “his and hers” pet and human capsules will soon be a thing? Come to thing of it, that’s .

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