Molkki 8th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Virender is speaking to someone about his farmhouse while the kids are playing with Virender’s mother and Mama. He tells his mother and Purvi that he has to go to farmhouse in an hour. We can have breakfast now. Purvi gets curious. Mama shares that Virender has a very beautiful house in Bhiwani. She decides to bring the kids closer to Virender. She suggests him to take the kids with him. It will be a good change for them. They can have a picnic. Virender asks her how picnic fits with work. She advises him to let them come along. The kids can play while you work. What else are they doing at home? It will be a healthy change for them. We can also tag along. Everyone likes her idea. Kids request Virender to let them come with him. Mama tells him to agree. The kids are so eager to come. Virender says I agree for their sake. You all have an hour. Get ready or I will leave everyone at home. They all go to their rooms to get ready.

Juhi and Manas are taking out their clothes. They go outside to bring their ball and request Purvi to pack their bags. Purvi finds Juhi and Sakshi’s photo in her cupboard. It is so beautiful. Strong wind starts blowing. Purvi looks up worriedly. She starts walking towards the window when the photo falls down. The glass breaks. How did it happen? I was holding it properly. She picks it up but senses someone’s presence. Why did I feel as if someone just went past me? I must be imagining it! I should pick up the glass pieces. She goes outside and requests Bhuri to bring a broom. I have to clean the glass pieces. Anjali gets intrigued. What did you break now? Purvi tells her. Anjali says looks like you have some issue with pictures. It was Sakshi ji’s photo earlier and now this! I will see which photo is it. They check in the room but the floor is clean. Purvi is puzzled. Glass pieces and photo are missing! How can it be? Bhuri comes back with the broom just then. Was it Sakshi’s photo? Purvi nods. Bhuri asks her if she tried to touch it. Purvi nods again. Bhuri and Anjali exchange a look. Purvi says I am confused. Bhuri tells her to understand that the one whose photo she tried to touch does not like all that. Purvi asks her what she means. Anjali says looks like no one has told you. Only her body has left this house. Her soul still resides here. Purvi recalls all the past incidents. Anjali and Bhuri leave. Purvi looks at the curtains worriedly.

Priyu has worn the clothes that were gifted by Vaibhav. He enters just then. She asks him how she is looking. Vaibhav walks closer. He unties her hair. Purvi happens to be walking past Priyu’s room and notices it. She calls out to Priyu angrily. She warns Vaibhav to stay away from Priyu. Don’t try to fool her! Vaibhav says you are being foolish here as you are trying to keep us away from each other. I like her. that’s why I stopped her. Purvi tries to object but Vaibhav asks Priyu to tell her sister how she feels about him. Priyu says what your problem with us is. You are jealous as you had to be a Molkki to get all this while I am getting everything easily. I am not a kid anymore. I can think about myself. Be my elder sister. Don’t try to be my mother! Don’t come between me and Vaibhav ji ever again! Please leave. I have to speak to him. Purvi is hurt yet leaves nonetheless. Priyu has been cheated once. What if Vaibhav turns out to be like him as well? I cannot let it happen again. I must speak to Mukhiya ji!

Purvi storms inside Virender’s room. You must speak to Vaibhav right away. He asks her what she means. She tells him all that she has observed. Virender says why Vaibhav will be after your sister. He has no dearth of women! You can tell your sister to stay away from him. Purvi says I tried my best but she isn’t ready to listen to me. She even told me mind my own business today. I feel Vaibhav is the kind who uses girls and then leaves them. Virender tells her to stop her nonsense. He is my brother. I know him better than you. Think of your sister’s actions before pointing a finger at my brother! Who did she buy those clothes for? Think who is using whom! Banwari! Purvi decides to save Priyu somehow. No one is ready to listen to me.

Jyoti has bought another hot dress to lure Vaibhav. He wont be able to escape this time! Anjali tells her to woo him during this picnic. That beggar turned out to be smarter than you! Do something before she wins him over. Jyoti assures her that she will succeed in her plan this time.

Everyone is ready to leave for the farmhouse. Virender notices Purvi’s expression. Looks like she is upset over what happened. I don’t care whether she gets upset or not. Let it be! Purvi tries to sit in the same car as Vaibhav and Priyu but Vaibhav tells her that his friends would be joining him. Bhaiya’s car is empty. Purvi tries Mama’s car but it is full. Virender thinks she walked away in a huff but she has no option but to sit here now! Purvi thinks she is stuck with Krur Singh now. She sits in the car. Virender taunts her sweetly and offers her chana but she refuses. He thinks she gets angry. The journey is long. Either talk or have some chana. She thinks he always does what he likes. She tries taking chana but he picks up the box. He offers her some on his own. She smiles. They look at each other with a shy smile. She notices the chana that is stuck in his coat and picks it up. He watches her curiously.

Virender and his family have taken a breakfast break at a dhaba. Virender’s mother asks Vaibhav where his friends are. Vaibhav says they must be coming. Virender’s mother is happy that it will be fun now. Priyu hides her smile. Vaibhav’s friends come there just then. Priyu tries to go after them but Purvi asks her to sit with them for some time as well.

Vaibhav and his friends sit in a corner and chit chat. He tells them about a room of the farmhouse which has the best view. They get excited but he tells them that that room is reserved. Priyu excuses to go to loo. Virender asks Purvi what happened. Purvi says she will be back soon. Virender complements the food of the dhaba. Purvi is worried for Priyu. How to tell her that Vaibhav will take advantage of her and leave her behind?

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