‘The Christmas Yule Blog’ Review: Travel writer’s happy musical journey will make you soak in festive spirits

Lifetime Movies is all set to give you the festive feels with its upcoming film, ‘The Christmas Yule Blog’. The film stars Sara Canning and Zak Santiago in the lead roles. Canning plays the character of a travel writer, Caroline Williams, who doesn’t find Christmas special, whereas Santiago plays the character of high school music teacher Oscar Ortiz, who lives in Carta De Amor, New Mexico. The beautiful tale defines a series of events that leads Caroline to fall in love with Christmas.

Social media travel writer Caroline is sent to Carte De Amor, New Mexico, on an assignment to cover ‘Christmas Eve’ in the beautiful countryside, where she meets Oscar and his son Shaun. Right from the traditional contest of “Ugliest Christmas Poncho” where the natives make ugly ponchos out of old sweaters to winning it, Caroline loved it all. The writer, who found the contest to be a bit weird at the start, loved it towards the end of the night. She then met Oscar’s parents and discovered that Oscar had moved to Carte De Amor from Los Angeles after his wife’s death. Caroline and Oscar experience instant connection with each other. Even though she didn’t celebrate Christmas for years, Caroline finds joy in decorating Oscar’s place for the festival.

The film not only offers visual treat with beautiful frames showing rituals of a community, viewers can also enjoy the enthralling Christmas songs and carols. Right from ‘The Silent Night’ to ‘Merry Christmas’ to Oscar’s “special” song, the film will surely give you magnificent festive vibes.

Sara Canning’s Caroline showed a beautiful transition in her character. At the beginning of the film, Caroline is someone who doesn’t find Christmas “special” but later she absolutely falls in love with Carta De Amor and the Christmas rituals in the city. Zak Santiago’s Oscar, on the other hand, is a caring father and a son who lives with his family. Towards the end of the movie, while recording her last blog post, Caroline invites her viewers and followers to come to Carta De Amor to celebrate the last ceremony of Christmas, and a lot of people from her city actually show up. Wrapping the Christmas vlog, while she is leaving for New York, she says, “I have taken you to a lot of places in the past, but this time, I am taking something with me.”

You can watch ‘The Christmas Yule Blog’ on Lifetime Movies on Friday, November 6, 2020, at 8 pm ET.

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