A sympathizer of white supremacist groups, among those killed after the revolt in the US Capitol

Photos with weapons, messages of support for racist groups and slogans in favor of Donald Trump. Those were some of the last publications on social networks by Kevin Greeson, one of the four who died after the violent takeover of the US Congress this Wednesday in Washington. After it became known that Army veteran Ashli ​​Babbitt was killed on Capitol Hill, the District of Columbia police have identified the others as Rosanne Boyland, a 34-year-old Georgia woman; Benjamin Phillips, born in Pennsylvania 50 years ago, and Greeson, 55. A few hours later the death of a police officer who was injured in the assault on the Capitol was known, bringing the number of victims to five.

PHOTO GALLERY: The invasion of Trump supporters on Capitol Hill

Unlike Babbitt, the rest of the deceased assailants died after suffering medical complications, local authorities have detailed in a press conference. Greeson’s family has indicated in a statement released by the US press that he suffered from high blood pressure problems and that he died after a heart attack. “Kevin was a wonderful father and husband who loved life,” reads the message from his relatives, who describe him as a lover of motorcycles and dogs, in contrast to the image he projected on social media groups. social networks that concentrate Trump supporters, advocates of conspiracy theories and far-right sympathizers.

“Kevin was defending President Trump and attended the rally held on January 6, 2021 to show his support,” the family said in the statement. “He was excited to be there,” he adds, and later clarifies that “he was not there to participate in the violence or riots. “Our family is devastated,” the statement concludes.

“Let’s take back the country! Let’s load our guns and take to the streets! ”Greeson wrote in a post on December 17. “The only Republican with balls is Trump,” reads another of his messages on December 13. “Maybe Nancy Pelosi will get it [de covid-19] and die, “he wrote on another occasion. The last two posts he shared were two congratulations, one for Donald Trump Jr.’s birthday and another from the Proud Boys, a white supremacist group, wishing for a happy new year.

Police have reported that 68 people, 60 men and eight women, have been arrested after the violent break-in in Congress to block the ratification of Joe Biden, of the Democratic Party, as the next president of the United States. The agents have stressed that of the 41 people arrested in the Capitol, only one was a resident of the District of Columbia. Greeson, for example, lived in Athens, in northern Alabama.

“The White House regrets the loss of life that occurred yesterday [por el miércoles] and extends his condolences to their families and loved ones, ”said Judd Deere of the Trump administration press team. Criticism has focused on the role of the president as an instigator of the violence, clinging to his accusations of fraud after losing in the elections last November. Several Democratic leaders have called for the legal process to impeach Trump. Biden, for his part, has called the assailants “national terrorists.” The information that circulates on social networks and its potential as fuel for violent acts such as those of the last hours is also in the spotlight.

Authorities have said that an investigation has been opened to clarify the death of Babbitt, who died in a hospital after being shot. However, it has not been officially detailed what medical complications the other deceased suffered. “As my children are grieving and processing yesterday’s shocking events, I ask that you respect their privacy,” Phillips’s ex-wife Nicole S. Mun wrote in a statement. More than fifty police officers were injured and two had to be hospitalized. Police also reported that six firearms and two explosive devices were seized.

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