Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 28

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Episode 28

Shubam’s mom Nirmala come there and sees him starring at Preethi. She goes in and thinks…

Nirmala (to herself): She looks beautiful and good cultured than Naina. It seems Shubam likes this girl. If things go well, I can probably make a relation with them. Let’s see!!!

Preethi sees Shubam starring at her but she ignores him and goes in with Preet. Shubam feels sad. He too goes…

The next morning…

Naina: Papa, I’m leaving for class. Preeti, come soon it’s late already.

Mini comes there…

Mini: Naina, when you will come from class?

Naina: Mini di, I will come directly to the shop at afternoon. You just message me the shop name.

Preethi: Yes, di, we will come there.

Mini: Ok, take care bye.

Arya and Kia say good bye to them.

They leave with Sameer, Munna and Pandit.

Rakesh: Mini, these two children are so sweet. They got along with us too quickly.

Mini: Yes uncle. They are very smart.

Arya: Uncle, let’s go to park and play.

Rakesh: We will go afterwards. Now come and have breakfast.

He takes the kids and leaves.

Mini calls Babita.

Babita: Mini, is everything ok there?

Mini: Babes everything is perfect. Everyone here are so sweet. Today we are going for shopping.

Babita: Be careful. Don’t go anywhere alone.

Mini: Babes, I’m not a kid.

Babita: You are my small Mini ok.

Mini (laughs): Ok babes. You take care. Eat properly. You are not alone now. So be careful.

Babita gets sad and holds her stomach.

Mini then disconnects the call.

Hanuman comes and hugs her.

Hanuman: Everything will get fine.

Babita nods…

In Ashok’s home…

Ashok calls Lala (Hanuman’s friend)

Ashok: I’m Ashok.

Lala: Which Ashok?

Ashok: Babita’s ex – husband.

Lala: Why did you call me?

Ashok: You might be mad at me. But just tell me where Mini is.

Lala: Why should I tell you?

Ashok: I’m her father.

Lala laughs.

Ashok: Ok, please tell me. I really care about her. Trust me I won’t disturb her. For past 2 days, I’m not able to see her.

Lala: She went to Mumbai.

Ashok: For?

Lala: Her wedding is going to take place there. So she went there for shopping and arrangements.

Ashok: Ok thanks…

They disconnect the call.

Ashok thinks that his small girl is going to get married and feels happy.

He sees his, Babita and baby Mini’s picture in his mobile and smiles. He thinks that was a perfect family picture.

Sameer gets bored in the class. He sees Naina and throws a paper on her.

Naina turns and ask him to be quiet.

Munna: Sameer, it’s boring. Shall we leave.

Pandit: Yes…

Sameer: Naina will kill us.

Pandit: Then you sit and listen. We are going.

They make noise. Professor gets angry and ask them 3 to leave the class. They leave. Naina gets angry.

Sameer: You too come.

Naina ask him to go.

Professor turns and see Naina speaking to Sameer. He gets angry and ask her also to go out.

She also comes out.

Munna and Pandit laughs!!!

Naina: You three are troublemakers.

Sameer: That was really a boring class.

Naina: Actually yes…

Munna: Finally, Naina accepted that the class was a boring one.

Naina: Ok, come let’s go to canteen and wait for Preethi.

Munna: Message her to come there. She will come now itself.

Naina texts Preethi to come out.

She receives the message and comes out of the class by faking an excuse.

Preethi: Naina, what a medical miracle. You bunked a class.

Naina: All because of them.

Sameer: Ok fine. Let’s go to the shop. Come.

They five goes!!!

Zoya, Neha, Mini, Mishti and Kuhu check on women’s collection.

Abir: We will go and see Male collections.

The boys leave.

The girls get confused seeing the clothes.

Mishti: I’m confused. Don’t know what to pick.

Kuhu: Yes, we have lots of collections here.

Mini: There are many types.

Neha: Mini and Mishti, it’s your wedding. So, take time to select.

Mini: Everything is so costly here.

Zoya: Mini, don’t worry about money. You have your brother and you are the fiancée of the great Neil Oberoi. So, pick what you like.

Naina, Preethi and the boys come.

Naina: Hi sisters, did you pick any clothes.

Mishti: No Naina. We are so confused. Everything is beautiful.

Sameer: Where are the grooms?

Zoya: They are checking for them in male section.

Munna: Ok, we’ll go there.

The boys go there. Abir and Neil are also confused to select clothes.

Sameer laughs.

Abir: Why are you laughing?

Sameer: Your fiancées are also facing the same problem.

Neil: Let’s go to them. I’m worried about Mini. Definitely, she will check for cheap cost clothes. Let us go there and help them.

Abir: Yes, that too a good idea.

They go to the girls.

Mishti: Did you pick so soon?

Abir: We came to help you.

Mini: That is so sweet.

Neil: Yes, come we will pick together.

All pairs sit together and see the clothes.

Preethi, Preet, Bobby, Pandit and Munna stand beside them.

Munna: Let us go and select for us.

Preet: That’s a good idea.

Pandit: Come…

They go and see for them.

Abir: Mishti, you will look good in Pink.

Mishti: Really?

Abir: Yes…

Mishti: But you told me that I look good in that green dress. So, you lie me then?

Abir: No, my dear. You look good in everything. Now see the dresses.

They smile and select!!!!

Mini sees the price tag first.

Neil: Mini, you take your favourite dress. Don’t worry about price.

Mini: But?

Neil: What but?

Mini: I wanted to buy it on my own savings.

Neil: Ok fine. I will lend you money as debt.

Mini: Ok then, I will settle it later.

Neil: I don’t need money.

Mini: Then?

Neil: I want something precious than money.

Mini: What is more precious? Jewellery?

Neil: Arey Buddhu…

Mini: Tell me…

Neil: Your time…that is the most precious one. The time which we are going to spend together for eternity.

Mini smiles….

Mini: Deal accepted.

Neil: Now come and select your favourite one.

They hold hands and select together.

Zoya: Adi, seeing these clothes and wedding preparations…

Adi: Wait let me complete.

Zoya sees him.

Adi: Seeing these preparations, you feel that you should also need a wedding like this.

Zoya: How do you know?

Adi: I’m your husband.

Zoya: Yes, that is true. I need a wedding or atleast a reception.

Adi: Your wish is granted.

Zoya: Really?

Adi: Yes, we’ll have a reception party.

Zoya: Thank you Adi….

They hug!!!

Kuhu and Kunal hears this!!!!

Kuhu: I’m so lucky. I had two types of wedding.

Kunal: Do you need any other type?

Kuhu laughs and tells no.

Kunal: You take this Blue dress.

Kuhu: No, I will take that brown.

Kunal: You are not listening anything. Atleast wear my selection.

Kuhu: Ok fine. Don’t make puppy face. I will wear this.

They laugh!!!!

Naina: Sameer, thank you for giving me this best people in my life.

Sameer: Naina, we should be together always.

Naina: Sure…

Sameer: Our wedding will also happen in this much grand manner.

Naina gets dull.

Naina: Will our families get convince?

Sameer: Sure, they will. Now leave those things. Select the dress.

Naina and Sameer selects!!!

Neha calls Prithvi from the trail room.

He goes in and sees her wearing the one he selected.

Prithvi: You look like a diva.

Neha: Help me in hooking the dress.

She turns with shy. He hooks her dress.

Prithvi hugs her.

Neha sees the mirror.

Neha: We look perfect together.

Prithvi: Yes….

They both share a kiss…

!!!The screen freezes!!!

Precap: Isha comes to Mumbai which shocks Mini and Neil… Babita helps Mita in her labour pain. Ashok and Hanuman waits for them outside the ward…Adi-Zoya’s wedding reception…Abir-Mishti, Kuhu-Kunal, Sameer-Naina, Mini-Neil dance performance….Pandit and Preethi gets intimated…

P.S: Next episode is on Tuesday

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