How to change the look of Microsoft Edge homepage in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge, like all other modern web browsers, comes with a home page that you can customize. Not everyone who uses Edge goes to great lengths to customize the homepage, so if you are one of these people, then you’re in the right place.

Customize the Microsoft Edge homepage

In the future, we hope that Microsoft adds more options to the customization section of the homepage for users to truly make it theirs.  The steps are simple:

  • Launch Edge
  • Click on the Gear icon on the top right side
  • Select the Page layout


  • Inspirational
  • Informational
  • Select the one you want.

Let us talk about this in more detail.

We are going to explain each.

1] Focused

When you select Focused, it will present a clear-looking page free from clutter. The only content on this page is quick links to access your most visited websites.

2] Inspirational

This section brings a bit more to the homepage. For example, users will now see a daily background image along with information about it. In truth, Inspirational is merely Focused but with a photo that changes every day.

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3] Informational

OK, so the Informational section contains a lot of data that might be overwhelming for some users. The news stories section contains several tabs for you to click through in order to read information through different categories.

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It does contain a plethora of options, but at least you can add your own picture instead of relying on the daily images Microsoft delivers.

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