Kaira Ek Ehsaas Kaira FF Episode 2

Hello my dear readers and Kaira fans!! Here is next episode. Thank you so much for the love poured for the first episode. Keep loving and commenting I’ll put my best to give the episode in the way you love always. Pic credits to the respective editor Kaira fans. Thank you guys.

Episode starts

Flight to Goa :

Kartik is sitting with his eyes closed.

He remembers the baby girl who was rescued by Kaira and their night with her

Oohh Tera naam leti jaaye  meri dil dhadkan meri dil ki dhadkan

Tere liye hi barse aankhon ka saawan aankhon ka saawan

He starts to cry as he remembers the death of his baby girl.


Kabhi ye bichaate hai ye phool har dagar mein phool har dagar mein

Kabhi chod jaathe hain ye dukh ke bavar mein dukh ke bavar mein

Kabhi dhup kabhi hai chaaya

Kartik gets choked when he thinks of the question he asked to Nair

Ye koyi samaj na paya

Khud rota hai sabko hasatha hai

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

Naksh notices Kartik and : Kartik…its okay…everything is going to be alright. Keep yourself calm . We will be landing in sometime and then its you who has to handle Naira. So please stay calm

Kartik hugs Naksh and cries.

OT City Hospital Goa

Naira is struggling with her delivery. Doctor: Ms Tina please push

Naira: Tina nahi Naira Kartik Goenka

Doctor: Acha Naira try na push push

Naira punches the doctor in frustration . Others are taken aback. Yet they assist her in the delivery

Memories of her previous pregnancy flash through her mind

Aahatein bicchri saanson ki hai

Yaade Teri Baandh Aankhon Mein hai

Tujse se juda mann

Teri yaadon ki dhadkan jagaayein mujhe

Her every breath reminds her of his name. She convinces herself that he will be there any time sooner. And that thought makes her yearn for him more and more

Aisi khaamoshiyon mein

Chupe Dil ke nagmein Sunaun kisse

Oh more Saiyan rehna na bite banne

Ooh more saiyaan Naina na rutte manne

Naira : Kartik…..kaaartikkkkkkkkkk

She starts to weep inconsolably closing her eyes

Just then she feels a familiar presence. She had no need to open her eyes as her heart knows that it is him. Yes her Kartik is with her now. He is there for her. Her mind and heart which were yearing for him felt as if they were freed from a huge load. She even forgot her pain as her heart has found its missing piece. It was she who decided to stay away from him but now she regretted it. She thanked herslef for calling him and cursed herslef for not doing it earlier.

Kartik hugs her

Naira: Kartikkkk…kartikkkkkKartik: Naira…Naira Im here

Naira opens her eyes to see her Kartik. Its been 8 long months since she saw her Kartik

Naira: Kartik you are here….now everything will be alright

Kartik kisses her hand

Naira starts to get tired. The nurse notices this

Nurse to Kartik in a whisper : She is getting tired and if this continues she may faint and then …

Kartik nods

Kartik: Vaise Naira tell me now…did you punch the doctor?

Naira: Who told you?

Kartik: Who? The whole hospital knows it

Naira: What?

Kartik: Haan…

Naira: Woh..Kartik….

Kartik: I know . Suniye sab ye meri sherni hai  ( Everyone listen she is my Sherni ) so stay careful.

Naira’s pain and tiredness vanish in a second as he makes her comfortable in a way only he can do.Doctor: The baby is not pushing itself. Naira please put some effort

The doctor steps back after saying it. Kartik keeps his hand on Naira’s belly

Kartik: Baby…see papa is here… will you not meet me? Im sorry for coming late baby but please na aap jaldi aao…

Naira is struggling hard. Its been 6 hours since she entered her labour.

Naira begins to weep. Kartik places his head near her head

Kartik: Naira…you are a sherni na…please dont cry. I love you

Naira: I love you too Kartik

Naira pushes the baby

Doctor: Baby has started to put its efforts too. The baby will be delivered very soon

Kartik: Woah my sherni and my

Naira: Tadpole

Kartik: Haan tadpole…both of you are doing great. Papa loves you my bacha and papa loves your muma too…

The pain increases and Kartik holds her hand tight trying to take away all her pain into himself

Suddenly Naira’s face shows serenity. All pain has vanished and the baby cry is heard hearing which Kartik kisses Naira’s hand as she has happy tears.

Doctor: Congratulations Its a baby boy

Kartik: Naira we

Naira: We have become parents

Kartik: I never thought all this will happen…I thought…

Just then the doctor hands over the baby to Kartik who feels goosebumps as he holds his son for the first time. Naira is happy to have her mendak ans tadpole with her.


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