Laverne Cox has exited of Sex Industry Documentary Following “Outrage”

Laverne Cox “Shocked” After Transphobic Attack in L.A. Park

Laverne Cox has dropped out of a documentary about sex workers following public backlash to the project.

Director Sarah Jones announced on Jan. 5 she would be working with executive producers Meryl Streep, Rashida Jones and Cox on the film adaptation of her off-Broadway show, Sell/Buy/Date. In 2016, Jones played multiple characters inspired by real people during her one-woman show about the sex industry.

However, several social media users criticized Jones, a Tony Award winner, for potentially contributing to the stigma around sex work.

One person wrote, “Just what the world needs. Another movie where non SWers debate whether sex work is exploitative or empowering.” The Twitter user then tagged Cox and said, “this project is everything you’re supposedly against. Stop trying to tell sw stories by ignoring and doxxing them.”

Another , “As a sex worker– I get being misrepresented. I mean– people in Hollywood are still doing SWer documentaries without talking to actual sexworkers.”

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