Qurbaan Hua 9th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Ghazala plans to reveal the truth about Chahat

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The forensic scientist exclaims that the fingerprints are a hundred percent match. Chahat exclaims how she wanted him then Neel exclaims that this means Baleq was behind the attempt to murder of Dr Baig.

Baleq is in the café and is about to find out the truth about Chahat but suddenly the internet crashes and when he calls the owner he explains that there is an issue and it might take a lot of time to come back, Baleq leaves the internet café in anger and when the police arrive exclaiming how he would have to come with them to the police station, Baleq exclaims that they might be calling him for the identification however the inspector exclaims that they have come to arrest him and even have a warrant against him.Chahat is trying to force Neel to come back to the house with her however he insists that he would stay in the police station and when they come with Baleq then he would ask Baleq why he had to commit the crime while wearing his clothes, Chahat asks him to not be so angry as the decisions made in anger only tend to cause harm, Neel and Chahat reach the house where they are shocked to witness that Vyas jee is performing the pooja.

Jamuna comes explaining that. Tomorrow is the function and the Pandit has come for the Jhot Modhasuv. Chahat asks what the function is so Neel explains how the function happens only once in a year and that how they only come once in a year, Neel also says how he feels the same about waiting for some time.

When the pooja ends Meera comes running to Neel and Chahat explaining how she is so interested as she has never seen a live Pooja, Meera then asks Vyas jee about what would happen next, he explains how they would leave for the Mandir and bring the hawan with them, he inquires if she is not coming to which she explains that she only has to change her mobile.

Vyas je introduces Chahat to Viyshwiynat je and then asks where Baleq is as he cannot see him, Jamuna also says that he was not able to reach him to which Chahat thinks that he would not be able to come because he is in jail but then Baleq explains that he has finally arrived, Neel and Chahat are shocked to see him, Baleq takes the blessings of Vyas and Achrai Viyshwiynat then he explains how Baleq has taken the responsibility of the Mandir and is like a son to him, they then leave for the yatra.

Baleq is standing then thinks that they would wonder how he is free and not in jail, Baleq remembers how when he was about to be locked up Ghazala came to the police station and she said that he was innocent and he thought of her as Sunita but that s when she revealed her true identity as Ghazala Rahil Baig but mentions how they know her a Baji and she is also the one who sent Baleq with the knife because the incident is known as fight and flight response and she send him however the inspector says that this is also illegal but Ghazala ask him to talk with the minister.

Baleq threatens to kill Ghazala as she deceived them all however Ghazala mentions how she knows that he hates Vyas je and also desires to be the Mant but she would help him reveal the truth of Chahat and also be able to take what he desires, Baleq comes then Neel asks how is he still free to which Baleq explains that the thief not only stole his clothes but also the knife and now he has come to know that Neel doesnot have any feelings for him, Neel also says that they might be wrong to not trust Baleq.KashMeera comes running to Chahat exclaiming who Baleq is really not an innocent person because when she was troubling her Baleq also helped her and was really adamant to destroy her.

Godamabri comes to the room where Naveli is with the gifts, Godamabri asks who brought the gifs to her and then Naveli mentions that Baleq is the one and seemed really happy mentioning how he ahs got the path which would lead him towards the seat of Mant, Godamabri then gets a call from Ghazala who explains that she would be able to make sure they do not have any trouble in their lives as Baleq was talking about her, Godamabri agrees to do anything and is ordered to call the media as she wants that entire Devpriagh see what is about to happen.

Neel and Chahat are in the room when Chahat help Neel get ready for the pooja mentioning how Vyas jee would come back with the Hawan really soon, Neel exclaims how Chahat has forgot to pray the farz prayer but Chahat mentions that it is the prayer of Fajr, Chahat starts praying and Neel is also performing the pooja, they both exclaim that they have the strength to reveal he truth about their identity to Vyas je.

In the morning Godamabri and Naveli are eagerly waiting for Vyas je because they do not know what would happen, Vyas je comes with Acharya je and the Pawan Jhot, then they perform the Arti, Godamabri says that she would place the Hawan in the Mandir however Vyas je exclaims that would like Chahat to fulfil this ritual so he calls her, Chahat asks Neel how she can touch it to which he asks her to lift it while he would place it in the Mandir, Chahat comes and starts fulfilling the ritual meanwhile Baleq calls Acharya je to come and lift the cover of the poster meanwhile Chahat is also about to take the Hawan in her arms.

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