The Bachelor Season 25: Heroes and Villains of Week 1

It’s official–Matt James is our new man for The Bachelor Season 25! But Which of his ladies are heroes and which ones seemed more like villains after the season premiere?

As The Bachelor Season 25 kicks off, we can’t help but realize every season has its heroes (the nice girls who just are truly there for the lead, besides making a few new girlfriends), but then there are the others who just seem like they are there and out to get the other girls competing for the same man, which in this case/season is Matt James.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the heroes and villains of The Bachelor Season 25 premiere.

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*In case you haven’t seen The Bachelor Season 25, Week 1 yet, there may be some spoilers ahead, so beware!*

Be sure to let us know who some of your personal favorites were of the night as well!

The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 1: Heroes

Oh, Katie. Katie, Katie, Katie. While I certainly wasn’t expecting to see her little toy come from behind her back, it certainly was a comedic way to start the season (for her and for everyone else watching as well).

I consider her a hero because she really saved the night! Some of the girls and chats that they had with Matt were just boring me half to death, that if I’m being honest, I almost wanted to turn it off.

#2: Abigail

I’ll be short and sweet here. Abigail was a true light in this week’s episode. Her being so open and honest about her story really touched my heart.

You can already tell that her intentions are so pure and that she’s really ‘there for the right reasons’; and by the way, she was my choice for the First Impression Rose. Plus, let’s be honest: Matt truly digs her because the way he grabbed her for that kiss without her grabbing him was a refreshing moment during/in quite the night one episode!


The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 1: Villains

#1: Victoria

You know, I really don’t have too much to say here. The way she talked to and pressured some of the girls into feeling a certain type of way just wasn’t doing it for me. Thank you, Victoria, next.

That’s a wrap on this week’s list of heroes and villains!

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