The Walking Dead Fans Celebrate Richonne’s Romantic, Zombie-Filled Road Trip

Did you hear the collective “Awww!” as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira)  got some quality time alone together in Sunday’s episode of  The Walking Dead? Richonne is just too cute for words. The couple that slays together, stays together.

Spoilers ahead!Stop here if you haven’t seen episode 12, season 7 of The Walking Dead

In the episode title “Say Yes,” Rick and Michonne are on that all-important supply run, looking for the guns they’ve promised the Scavengers. This is also a mini romantic getaway for our favorite couple, as they laugh and flirt — and frequently have sex in the back of the van. #RelationshipGoals.

Name a relationship better than Richonne… I’ll wait.

— Rick Grimes (@RickAndThangs)


— M.J. ? (@nimjetti)

They aren’t finding much. Michonne wants to go back, but Rick says, “Just a little more.” We feel ya, buddy. Why face reality when you got a good thing going?

Rick wanna stay out there with Michonne forever. He wants to avoid the nightmare back home.

— Rod (@rodimusprime)

Rosita, I like you, I’m sorry Abe dumped you, but stop being so emo. You’re ruining my high. Okay?!

— Marie I. Pelissier (@Is_Pelissier)

Of course, Tara (Alanna Masterson) is still keeping her promise not to tell her friends about Oceanside and all the guns they have, but it’s a dilemma she is wrestling with. Or so she tells baby Judith.

Tara: Should I say something?! Should I keep my mouth shut?

Judith: Uuuuh,I’m a baby…

— BlacksRule?? (@danthaman82)

Cut to Richonne, as they find a decrepit carnival, filled with military and civilian walkers. Zombie Fair! They see the soldiers are carrying guns, and they also discover a small building filled with food, including delicious, vacuum-sealed military rations. They feast on a mac and cheese and chili combo — “together,” Rick stresses — and Michonne tells Rick he would make a good president once they get rid of Negan and the Saviors.

Woo chile!

— fancymistee (@MJP_1908)

Michonne is the Michelle Obama of this shit. She about to make Rick the president.

— Rod (@rodimusprime)

Back to getting those guns, they come up with a plan to kill the small herd of zombies, but they don’t realize the car they’re trying to use to block a gap in the fence doesn’t have brakes. The two are stuck in the car with the walkers swarming around them. Nonplussed about the situation, they make it out. No big whoop.

Amazing how far characters in have come. 2 seasons ago, trapped in a vehicle w/ walkers everywhere, they say goodbye. Now they joke.

— Eric Smith (@ESSmithPA)

Rick:” It was a good plan though” Michonne: “It was a great plan”

— Megan Olan (@Megan_Olan_)

Then, as they divide and conquer, slashing walkers in their separate areas…

Look at Rick and Michonne killing walkers and stuff

— The Walking Dead (@Walkerfanboy)

Rick sees a deer and remembers he owes Michonne one after he made her miss the last one. Yet, in his attempts to kill the animal, he falls from his perch on the Ferris wheel — and the zombies zero in. Michonne runs over to help, but for one long, desperate moment, it seems the walkers are eating — gasp! — Rick.

Me when I thought Rick was being eaten.

— Daryl Dixon (@ImmortalDixon)

They spent the budget on that CGI tiger s we ended up getting a SciFi Channel Deer.

— Greg (@AlSharpTongue)

Then Rick pops out of a box, and he’s OK!

Rick play too much. Michonne needs a few minutes.

— BoxyFrown (@missboxyfrown)

I knew Rick didn’t die. *types with teary eyes*

— Caesar (@neuephoria)

that entire scene hit me harder than every death of every character on the show combined and he didn’t even really die.

— morgan (@lovebugjkr)

It’s almost too much for Michonne, that she can’t ever lose him, but Rick tells her that if it came down to it, she could survive.

We gonna talk bout how Michonne lost her child and her bae, but Rick’s possible death is what makes her quit life?

— Black Nerd Problems (@BlkNrdProblems)

They give the guns to the Scavengers, but they have to make another deal to find more guns. Damn that Jadis.

The junkyard people’s real leader

— benjamin johnston (@meisben1010)

These women need 2 stop trying 2 die over all these fools seriously. What sort of pelvic sorcery do they have?

— Miss Swift (@Swiftnesse)

Then there’s next week’s sneak peek: Has Carol finally come to her senses?

Omg that sneak peak

— Alex lock (@asimoalex)

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC

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