Yeshu 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Yeshu’s prayers bring Jeevan’s life back

Yeshu 7th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Messenger thinking Shaitaan is diverting from his path and took a boy’s life to fulfill his aim. Chote Samrat gets furious and hits his Servant. Shaitaan whispers in Chote Samrat’s ears asking him to become Samrat. Chote Samrat says you said right and starts walking. Shaitaan laughs. Yeshu thinks of Jeevan and gets sad. Mary tells yeshu that she has full trust on him. yeshu asks what happens after death. Mary says God calls us back to Him. Yeshu asks if he don’t return after death. Mary says yes. Yeshu asks what happens if someone dies by mistake. Just then Mary sees villager men bringing Jeevan’s body there and asking them to take out Yeshu from home. Mary asks Yeshu not to come out until she asks him. Yeshu looks at Jeevan and thinks of seeing his black eyes. She thinks Jeevan was different before death and why there was anger in his eyes without any reason.

Shaitaan whispers Chote Samrat to move to the front and then he will rule on the singhasan. He sees Herod coming and tells that he wants to talk to him alone. Herod signs his men to go. Chote Samrat says whatever you said, it is still echoing in my ears, that father is father and son is son. He says there is a difference between Samrat and Chote Samrat and I am understanding that difference. He holds his shoulders. Herod gets shocked. Chote Samrat asks how did you feel when you made me walk on the burning coal and made me bend down infront of the people. He asks did you feel happiness? Herod says yes and says if you don’t change your behavior, then I will snatch all rights from you of being the chote samrat. Herod’s son leaves him and asks him to get ready. He bends down on his knees and lifts his legs and pushes him down the balcony. Herod falls down from the balcony and shouts telling something happened to Samrat ji, call Vaid ji. The soldiers lift Herod and take him from there. Shaitaan says very soon Samrat’s crown will be on your head. Mukhiya tells Joseph how to make my wife understand? Mary asks Mukhiya’s wife to believe that Yeshu is innocent. Joseph also tells Mukhiya that his son is innocent. Joseph and his brother plead infront of angry mob to listen to them, but nobody is ready to listen. Maria looks at Yeshu. Yeshu tells Aashiya and Yakub that nothing shall happen to his parents and tells that he has to meet Jeevan. Shaitaan thinks once Yeshu is thrown out of Misr, Samrat will kill him. He laughs. Mary says why Yeshu will kill Jeevan and tells that he was his friend. Jeevan’s mother says Yeshu was not Jeevan’s friend. Mukhiya says we thought your son is good, but he was a murderer. Yeshu comes out of the house and sits at Jeevan’s dead body’s side. Mukhiya’s wife tells that Jeevan was telling about Yeshu during the journey.

Shaitaan asks Herod’s son to get Mukti for his father and asks him to go. Herod’s son brings the poison. A Servant tells that Vaid ji is about to give medicine to Samrat and very soon he will be fine. Herod’s son asks everyone to close their eyes and pray for Samrat’s recovery. While everyone close their eyes, Herod’s son takes out something/poison from his clothes and adds in the medicine. Herod watches this shockingly. His son prays for his father’s mukti and kisses his forehead. Everyone looks at him.

Yeshu prays to God and tells that he has called Jeevan before time. He prays to God to relieve everyone’s pain. Vaid ji gives medicine to Herod while he tries to resist. Herod thinks once Samrat dies, then the distance to reach yeshu will become less. Yeshu prays to God still. Mukhiya’s wife comes to yeshu and pushes him, asking why did he come? The crowd gets crazy. Mary asks yeshu to come inside. Joseph and his brothers try to stop the mob. Herod dies. Yeshu asks Jeevan to bring back to life while he is taken away. Jeevan starts taking the breathe shocking everyone.

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