4 Ways to Grow your Blog with Web Push Notifications

Every blogger knows growing a list of engaged followers takes time and effort. Even if you have a loyal readership, growth plateaus are not uncommon.

If you find yourself in a growth rut, you may need to jump-start your interactions with your readers. You could develop awesome lead magnets or other incentives to entice them to give you their email address. Or you could try a different approach altogether.

What if there was a new way to connect with the visitors and get them to your website, even those who are not comfortable giving you their email address? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could display a message directly to one of your web visitor’s browsers, even when they aren’t on your website?

With web push notifications, all of the great stuff I mentioned above can become reality. In one click, they can be added to your web push notification list — making it super easy for you to start sending instant messages to your audience.

What are web push notifications?

Each browser may display a push notification a bit differently, but most likely, you have seen something like this:

How do web push notifications work for bloggers?

Web push notifications are super easy to create and can be done even by those with little or no technical background.

They slide in either on the top or bottom right-hand corner of the screen, depending on the operating system.

Web push notifications can link directly to a blog, website, landing page, sign up form, or shopping cart — basically anything with a link.

Web push notifications make promoting your blog easy

Web push notifications are one of the easiest ways to grow your business and turn your passion into profits. It lets you quickly increase engagement to reach more people and make more money.

4 ways bloggers use web push notifications

Below are a few of our favorite ways AWeber customers are using web push notifications to grow their blogs.

Motivate customers to reach their goals with daily tips

Donna Partow is a content creator, author, and motivational speaker with a passion to empower people to accomplish their life mission. Her books have sold more than a million copies worldwide and have been translated into numerous languages. She was part of the team that pioneered ivillage.com, serving as the Work From Home coach and co-creating one of the first content providers on the internet.

Donna uses web push notifications for a specific purpose. She primarily sends them to a select group that signs up to be part of one of her challenges. The push notifications serve as both a reminder and the mechanism to deliver her content for the challenges.

“One of the hottest things on the internet right now for content creators is running challenges to bring people into a relationship with you. I’m really excited about using web push notifications for limited-time challenges, 7-day challenges, and 10-day challenges. Each day, I send them a little reminder with a link that connects to their assignment for the day to keep them moving forward on their goal. I want them to be glad and thankful that they’re receiving my web notifications because it’s going to be a benefit to them.”

Donna Partow

Notify followers instantly when you create new content

Jennifer Reinhard, cloth diaper educator and advocate, who shares her real life experience and common sense advice to make using cloth diapers easier to understand, use and wash. Her business, All About Cloth Diapers, for over a decade has been sharing their cloth diaper experience and knowledge with parents. Jennifer sincerely believes that cloth diapers are the best thing for babies and she wants to help spread her love of cloth diapers one fluffy tush at a time!

Jennifer Reinhardt

Drive traffic to individual blogs within digital properties

Jamila Bannister is a personal branding strategist and coach. Her business J Bannister Branding helps entrepreneurs leverage personal branding as a marketing strategy. She helps her clients create strong personal brands to become influential and convert this influence into paid opportunities.

Jamila uses Web Push notifications to drive traffic to her online magazine and individual articles within the publication.

“I have an online magazine. What tends to happen is that when I first publish, I get a lot of traffic. But after about a week, the traffic declines. So I use web push notifications to drive traffic back to the online magazine and to specific articles. So instead of writing a blog, people can click and read by using web push notifications and get my most up-to-date content. Another thing I like about AWeber’s web push notification is that you can customize the icon so the notification comes up as something from me with my picture.”

Jamila Bannister

Sell more products with limited-time discount notifications

They also create amazing content to help educate their audience through written content and YouTube videos.

Grubb uses web push notifications for two reasons:

1. To send out time-sensitive security alerts to his audience.

2. To send out notifications when there is a special offer on a particular computer or computer related product

John Grubb

Web push notification best practices for bloggers

Want to incorporate web push notifications into your own blogging strategy? Follow the best practices below to create web push notifications your audience will no doubt appreciate.

Copy is king

One topic per push

It’s helpful to understand your audience and the questions they want answers to. Create content around these questions to drive readers back to your blog through web push notifications.

Create urgency wherever possible

Use scarcity to create urgency to drive specific actions. Be clear about the desired action you want your readers to take when they click their link.

For example, rather than the saying, “Flash Sale Today,” consider “Only a few hours left to save 25% off. This creates a sense of urgency, driving readers to consider the limited-time offer”

Include social proof

When appropriate, work in statements from your existing customers mentioning your products or services.

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