Almeida asks the Army for help in the situation in Madrid January 9, 2021

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, has warned this Saturday through his Twitter account that the situation caused by the great snowfall in the capital is “Extremely serious”, has asked the people of Madrid not to leave their homes and for the help of the Army.

In an interview in Onda Madrid, he acknowledged that “it was a very complicated night” and warned thate “in much of the city there is more than half a meter of snow”, which “greatly complicates the circulation”, and has insisted that it not go out.

“Being on the street is dangerous at the moment in the city of Madrid,” said Almeida, who has asked people to be aware “that this is not a game, that it is a beautiful landscape but that it is a dangerous landscape, both because of the trees, because of the ice that is beginning to form, and because of the weight that the snow is exerting on the cornices ”.

The snowfall has reached its greater intensity at 6:00 a.m. and it will continue to snow over the next few hours in the city of Madrid, according to the mayor.

Almeida has pointed out that the accumulation of snow is greater than that indicated by the forecasts, which was 20 centimeters, since in the most of the city has reached 40-50 centimeters, with peaks of 60 centimeters.

“More than 20 centimeters of snow practically makes the situation unmanageable from the point of view of what a big city is, ”Almeida said, adding that as long as it did not stop snowing, mobility was“ unfeasible ”.

According to Almeida, it will stop snowing throughout the afternoon of this Saturday, when they will try to open the main roads of the city of Madrid, to restore mobility tomorrow.

“I just called Margarita Robles, the Minister of Defense, and I have asked for the help of the Army precisely in that task“, Informed Almeida, who has asked the Army to collaborate with the Madrid City Council to begin as soon as possible, from the moment it stops snowing, to clear the roads of the city of Madrid.

The minister has said that she will do everything possible to put troops and resources, according to Almeida, who has warned that with the expected low temperatures for the next days with a minimum of 12 degrees below zero the situation could worsen, and that in any case clearing the roads and streets “is going to be a process that will take several days.”

“I understand the temptation of going out into the street at this time, seeing a completely different Madrid from the one we are used to, it seems that es the biggest snowfall in the last 60 years in the city of Madrid, but right now it is dangerous to be on the streets of Madrid ”, he stressed.

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