FreePrints Photo Printing review: Different, easy, and fun

FreePrints online photo printing service is utterly unlike the others out there. It has an interesting model that offers tons of freebies including some of the best photo books; you only pay for shipping and extras. It’s a better photo printing service in some ways and worse in others, but it might be your perfect fit if you’re the target audience. I found FreePrints to be one of the best online photo printing services and best photo book apps.

First things first, let me get this out of the way: I put “free” in quotes because nothing is ever REALLY free of course. But as catches go, this one isn’t bad and isn’t surprising: you pay shipping, which ranges from about $2 to $15 per order. This is actually cheaper than the shipping fees at most online photo printing services. And, keep in mind that you’ll need to pay for anything you order outside of the initial offering: 85 different 4×6 prints, one 20-page 5×7 softcover photo book, and one 8×8 wall tile. So, for example, if you want two copies of the same 4×6, you have to pay for the second copy. If you want more than 85 photos in a single month, you’ll pay for them; there is no rolling over from month to month. If you want different size prints, you pay for those. If you want a larger photo book, a hardcover book, or more pages, you’ll pay for those upgrades. The whole model reminds me of a subscription box service, only you only get what you want and there is no monthly fee and no commitment of any kind. I ordered two 4×6 prints, an 8×10 print, a 20×30 print, and a photo book. I also ordered one card from Ink, which is a different company entirely but has some kind of partnership with FreePrints. The 20×30 print you see in my order was taken by JMS Imagery.

It’s almost like a trendy subscription box service, only with zero obligation and zero costs outside of what you order.

The original FreePrints: Photos Delivered app is where you get your 85 free 4×6 prints. If you want smaller (mini wallet) or larger (up to 20×30), you’ll need to pay for those, and prices are pretty similar to what you see at other photo printing services. There is no obligation to purchase that many prints each month, you can get fewer or none at all. You do pay for shipping on each order.

You cannot make cards in any of these apps, but you’ll find a link to the Ink app. Ink has a totally different sales model, however. There are no freebies, rather, you buy credits and order cards which Ink sends directly to the recipient from the app. I’ve actually used Ink for my holiday cards for years, and I never even see my card until I go to someone’s house and see it on their fireplace mantle! They do good work and I love not having to address, lick, and stamp envelopes.

Quick and convenient

FreePrints Photo Printing review: What I like

I like that FreePrints makes ordering photos and books easy and fun. I like the monthly subscription box feel of it, even though there is no obligation or cost outside of what you order. While you do have to pay the shipping on all items, even the free ones, prices are reasonable. I’ve been happy with the quality on everything I’ve received.

Insufficient packaging

FreePrints Photo Printing review: What I don’t like

The packaging isn’t ideal. While the envelope containing my 8×10 said “PHOTOS – DO NOT BEND” my mail carrier bent it and stuffed it into my mailbox. So, it arrived bent in several places. Also, the 20×30 print was rolled into a tube, which always results in curled edges. It’ll settle down eventually but it hasn’t yet even after books on the corners overnight.

You cannot place orders from your computer. Still, FreePrints is a fun and convenient way to order photos and photo gifts from your phone or iPad.

Nice service

FreePrints Photo Printing review: Bottom line

out of 5

Getting up to 85 4×6 prints, a 5×7 softcover 20-page photo book, an 8×8 photo tile, and a different photo gift for free every month isn’t a bad deal, even if you do pay to ship each freebie. You can certainly upgrade your order to more or larger or more premium options, you just pay for the upgrades.

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