HO GAYA PYAR TUMSE let’s feel it…. (shot 31)

Rajvansh house…

Abir and kunal is partying.

Abir:Mix my drink in this cola.

Kunal:oh! You can have it like this.

Abir:Nahi! It’s not my cup of tea.

Kunal:if you need any help like this,just ask me i will do anything for you..

Abir:No,i will take care not to fight with her again. I felt so bad when she didn’t talked me.

Kunal:My bhai…. you know what, many girls have blocked me on whatsapp
I have felt the same.

Abir smiles. Ketki calls Abir.

Ketki:Bhai,uncle is calling you.

Abir nods.

Kunal: you go, I will wait for you…

Abir goes.

Kunal is sitting alone, Mishti comes in search of Abir..

Kunal: I am too waiting for him

Mishti:where did he go leaving me alone?

Kunal:alone! Mishti sit give me a company.

Mishti sits near him.

Kunal:Do you know bhai felt so bad when you stopped talking to him.

Mishti:really!? Kisne kaha?

Kunal:he himself told me! He said he will never fight with you again.

Mishti: May be he don’t want to give you party again.

Kunal:Nahi! My brother isn’t like that.

Mishti smiles…

Kunal:oh!sorry… what would you like to have?

Mishti:I don’t drink…

Kunal:I won’t say to anyone. You can have anything.

Kunal insists and Mishti takes a bottle of cola.


They drink.

Mehul and Abir is discussing something related to work.

Abir:it’s over sweetheart,let me leave.

Mehul:one more thing has to be discussed.


Mehul:call Mishti and come with her. Its related to both of you.

Abir nods and goes.

Mishti is inebriated and kunal too.


Kunal:no! Only my bhai can call that!

Mishti:I am your bhabhi, I will call nankooo

Kunal:Nahi! Only my bhai

Mishti: No I will not talk to you…

Kunal:you fought with me, i will have to call kuhu for idea.

Mishti:#kuhu ki jai.

They smiles…

Kunal:actually,kuhu deserves this party. Where is she? kuhu….

Mishti:sh… she will be in her room.. go there and call.

Kunal nods okay and he gets up.

Mishti:tell her to come fast I am waiting.

Kunal goes zig zag.

Abir comes and sees Mishti at the top of roof.

Abir: why are you standing here….

Mishti:Abir…. mujhe woh chahiye…. pointing at moon.

Abir:kya hua?why are you speaking like this?

Mishti:bring it for me.

Abir:okay… I will bring first you come down.

Mishti:Nahi!you will cheat me!

Abir: why will I? My cute girl come down.

Mishti:hold me!

Abir holds her. Mishti comes in Abir’s hand. He encircles her in between his hands,

Both look at each other.

Mishti:give me!

Abir:papa is calling lets go and meet him first?

Mishti:you said come down first.

Abir:oh god,how will i take her sweetheart?

Mishti:what are murmuring?

Abir:where is kunal?

Mishti:He has gone to call Kuhu for the party. Its party time.

Abir:did he give you drinks?

Mishti:nahi, I just drank this!

Abir remembers mixing drinks in the cola bottle.

Abir:you come and stay silent,then I will bring that for you. Okay sweetie?

Mishti nods no and yes simultaneously.

Abir takes her. Mishti stumbles all her way.

Mehul:why did you take so long?

Abir:no!its just few minutes.

Mishti nods.

Mehul:this is a medical camp to be conducted under guidance of Abir. I have appointed Mishti as the head of camp. So you should go and check the arrangements together. Got it?

Abir:yes sweetheart!

Mishti: okay papa!

They turns to leave.

Mehul:beta, take this file with you.

Abir takes it.

Parul:How fast they become so close?dekho he is not even leaving her hand.

Mehul smiles seeing them leaving holding hands.

Abir takes Mishti to their room.

Mishti:bring my moon!

Abir:sleep now!you will be okay in morning,

Mishti funnily cries aloud.

Abir:my cute girl! Calm down…I will bring now.

Mishti gets quiet. Abir goes.

Kuhu is seen talking in phone. Kunal enters through balcony.

Kunal waits for her to stop talking.

Kuhu turns and gets scared seeing him behind unexpected.

Kunal:I was waiting, is it over?

Kuhu:why are you again here?

Kunal:#party time! Mishti asked to come fast as she is waiting for you.she miss you!

Kuhu:Mishti is missing me,we met in the evening.

Kunal:so what!can’t she miss you?

Kuhu:are you drunk?

Kunal:party hai toh drinks bhi hoga!you tell which one you want

Kuhu:I don’t want anything,kunal.

Kunal makes a sad face.

Kunal:Ma…she is not having…

Kuhu:don’t talk loud,someone will come.

Back to Mishbir,

Abir bring something.

Mishti:where is it?


Abir shows her a paper cut in circle.

Mishti takes it.

Abir:I have bring it for my cutee…

Mishti:is the same one?

Abir nods yes.

Mishti smiles.

Mishti:Good boy! Mishti cares his face and kisses him on cheek.

Abir stands there confused.

Abir:pagal choti motu. Abir smiles,Mishti holds the fake moon.

Kuku again….

Badima sees light and goes to her room.

Badima:I knew it,you are still on phone!

Kuhu is seen with phone on her hand.

Kuhu:5 minutes more!I will sleep now?

Badima nods and frowns seeing something.

Badima:whats that?

Kuhu:its pillow!

Badima:like this?

Kuhu:i used to hug Mishti at night. So I arranged so as I am missing her.

Badima:really, it’s looking different!

Kuhu: kya different?

Kuhu hugs pillow tight,punches it and make her convinced.

Badima leaves.

Kunal’s sobbing is heard.

Kunal comes out of the blanket.

Kuhu:kya hua?

Kunal:why did you hit me?

Kuhu:really,will you come infront of Badima at this hour?

Kunal:why not?

Kuhu:oh god!

Mishbir back..

Mishti:I want to sleep…

Abir:then sleep!

Mishti keeps it aside and keeps her head on lap of Abir.

Abir: this is not pillow!

Mishti:sing a lullaby!

Abir:what me! It will be horrible.

Mishti:will you sing or not?

Abir:if i say no,what will you do?

Mishti:I will complain to papa!

Abir:why should we disturb him? I will sing…


Abir sings for her…

Mishti asks him to pat her shoulder. Abir does.

It’s morning….

Mishti open her eyes and remembers her antics slowly….

Mishti sees Abir sleeping beside her.

Mishti tries to remove his hand and get up.

Abir:where are you going after doing this much!

Mishti:what did I do?

Abir shows his cheek with lipstick mark of her lips.

Mishti:who did this?

Abir:you don’t know… there is many marks in my body.


Abir:you got so cheap yesterday and everything happened.

Mishti stands confused.

Abir: I asked you to control,but you didn’t.

Abir smiles.

Mishti:Abir…sorry I don’t remember. But I have heard that repeating the mistakes will lessen the burden on us.

Abir:What does that mean?

Mishti:come on Abir… please help me to less my guilty.

Abir:Hey… pagal ladki!

Mishti holds Abir’s hand.

Abir:I am sorry! I did a prank on you….

Mishti:I am serious.

Mishti smiles. Abir looks at her.

KUKU is in a room…

Kunal gets up and sees kuhu staring at him.

Kunal:why did you come so early morning?

Kuhu:I can’t stay without seeing you.

Kunal:what nonsense?

Kuhu:I should say that!

Kunal looks around and remembers.

Kunal:I got high on the drinks sorry…I will leave.

Kuhu: go through the balcony, don’t get infront of anyone.

Kunal nods and leaves.

Kuhu:He didn’t let me sleep!

Kunal:kuhu, My bottle.

Kuhu frowns.

Kunal:okay,you keep it!

Kunal reaches his house and sees Jugnu loading bag in car.

Kunal:Good morning!

Jugnu:Ha bhai,Morning.

Kunal:Who is going for trip?

Jugnu:Abir bhai and bhabhi!

Kunal:I didn’t knew it…

Jugnu:it was all of a sudden!

Abir enters and sees him.

Kunal: bhai,you didn’t say me that you are leaving,

Abir:it was unplanned,Papa asked us to leave.

Kunal: official trip?

Abir:yes,you tell me why did you give Mishti drink?

Kunal:woh,I did it by mistake.

Kunal goes in fast.

Mishbir is all set for the journey .They take blessings from elders.

Happy trip for Mishbir…



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