Kaira Ek Ehsaas Kaira FF Episode 3

Hello friends as promised here is next episode. For the fans of Love Is In the Air the next episode will be updated on Monday. Sorry for the delay. The fact is Im unable to write 4 Kaira FFs at a stretch that too along with the last episode of Love Makes Life Beautiful.  Sorry once again. Tu jaane naa will be ending with 20 parts and its 17th episode will be posted tomorrow . Similarly Devakshi FF is going to be completed  with next episode on Monday. Dil dhadakne dho na first episode on Tuesday and Ae Mere Dil next episode on Monday.

Episode starts

Naira is taken to room. Naksh enters teary eyed to see Naira and her baby

Nurse: Sir ill take the baby for vaccination

Kartik is apprehensive as he thinks about baby Kaira

Kartik: Ill also come

Naksh: Kartik you be with Naira Ill go with the baby

Just then Kartik’s phone rings. Conference calls by Keerthi ,Naitik , Singhania and Goenka familes are connected through video. Vedika is left behind.

Dadi: Kartik where is Naira?

Kartik takes the mobile and sits near Naira thus showing her to them.Swarna: Is baby safe? Is Naira safe?Kartik: Haan Maa..baby has been taken by Naksh for Vaccination

Badi Dadi: Naira what happened why did you go to Goa?

Keerthi: Woh accident..you survived it yet…what happened?

Naira breaks down

Kartik: Bolo na Naira . We need to know

Naira: Woh accident….accident ……I went away in anger…tumne woh sawal

Dadi: Sawal?

Kartik: I did that blunder Dadi

Mihir’s girlfriend reports seeing Naira come out of his room adjusting her saree. Kartik was already insecure after his accident regarding Naira and Mihir . Naira comes home. She finds a traumatised Kartik and gets upset

Naira: Kartik..why are you like this? Kartik: Naira..just answer this one question please

Naira: Whatever you want you ask Kartik Ill answer you

Kartik: Naira..did anything happen between you and Mihir in the hotel room?

Naira is shocked and leaves the Goenka house crying.

She meets with an accident

Naksh enters the room with baby

Naksh: You survived it Naira? Then why did you come to Goa instead of coming home

Naira: I came bhai…but

Naira survives the accident and comes home. She sees Kartik and Mihir talking

Kartik: I dont want to hear anything from you. Get lost

Naira is shattered by it and leaves to the railway station

Naksh: Why did you go to railway station?

Naira: Bhai…to commit suicide but then I remembered being preganant and the jumped into the random train and reached Goa

Kartik: How did you manage these many months in Goa?

Naira reaches Goa and is petrified to be alone. Yet she consoles herself and becomes Tina again. She joins a restaurant and works there. She struggles a lot to make up money for her hospital expenses.

She gets herself admitted in the hospital when her due was nearby

Naira: Kartik…till now I did not call you as I was angry on you but once into labour love and yearning overtook the anger.Naksh: Naira if you were angry on him you could have come to your maika na..we are not living in another planet

Dadi: Why does she come to Maika huh?

All are shocked. Vedika is overjoyed

Dadi: Kittu what you did was completely wrong. You should never have asked her such a question and Naira what you did is wrong too. If you had told me about it I would have sent him out of the house instead of you

Kartik: Dadi….

Dadi: Aur nahi toh kya Kittu?Swarna: I never expected this from you Kartik

Manish: Maa Swarna Naitik ji lets cut the call. Naksh you make arrangements for them to come home and leave them alone. You both are going to resolve your issue before you come home. Bye

The call disconnects. Naksh too leaves.

Kartik : Im sorry Naira I should not have asked that stupid question . Par you left home after listening to the half conversation

Naira : What

Kartik and family are mourning for Naira. Mihir comes there

Mihir: Kartik I need to say something

Kartik: I dont want to hear anything from you. Get lost. I have full trust on my Naira. Your justification is not needed fro me to believe her

Naira weeps.Naira: Sorry Kartik I am gadhi I decided based on hearing half the truth. Sorry Kartik. I gave you lot of pain na

Kartik: Not more than what I gave you. I should not have asked it. Par kya karu Im a gadha na..mistakes happen but you could have held my collar and slapped me instead of putting yourself in pain.Naira: Tum ghadhe nahi ho tum to mendak ho na

Kartik: Toh tum bhi kahan gadhi ho? Tum toh meri sherni ho na

( Yeah memories of Kaira reconciliation after the Mumbai and divorce tracks. They too remember this moment and start to laugh)

Kartik: Time has changed but this alone stays constant

Naira: Not only this our love also stays constant. Do you know Kartik ? How much ever anger I had on you double that times love poured out when I entered labour. I felt like I was carrying a huge load in your absence

Kartik: Tauba tauba bache ko load bol rahi ho

Naira: Shut up Kartik I said in my heart. But once you hugged me I felt as if  my heart was as light as cotton. Thats when I realised how much burden you carried when our daughter was born. You managed everything on your own

Kartik hugs her

Kartik: Even you struggled a lot this time. Without money and family you managed to handle yourself

Naira: Toh phir we struggled equally you last time and me now

Kartik: Enough of struggling alone. From now whatever we do we will be doing together. I will not ask such questions again and you will not leave home under any situation

Naira: Promise..arrey..sorry sorry I did not do onething

Kartik looks questioningly. Naira kisses him

Naira: Happy birthday Mendak ? sorry i did not get any gift for you

Kartik pulls her more closer as if he wants to merge their bodies together and kisses her forehead

Kartik: The best birthday gift is you yourself. Thank you Krishnaji. Sach mein ye birth day hi hai. Till I attended your call at 12 am coincidentally I was a corpse. Only when I heard my Naira my jaan came to me.

Naira: From now on two parties on same day. One for dad and one for son

Kartik: Haan..you have to get two gifts

Naira: Now only

Kartik: After today me and my son will not leave you anywhere so you cannot gift yourself  as you will be in our love jail

Naira: Life sentence in this jail is what I pray for

Kartik kisses her

Naira: Arrey we forgot our selfie deal. Such a big day in our life and we didn’t take a selfie

They take a selfie.


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