Malcolm & Marie : bande-annonce de la romance avec Zendaya sur Netflix

Containment and the pandemic brought with them some good things. Like this project shot in the deepest secrets by Sam Levinson. The creator of the “Euphoria” series takes Zendaya and John David Washington on a love affair. Check out the classy trailer.

Malcolm & Marie : a film about love

Sam Levinson is not the only one who has had the urge to shoot during the pandemic, despite the huge restrictions that make productions more complicated. We have already started to see some titles born during this particular period, but let’s face it, not much notable is to be highlighted. Malcolm & Marie could be the first major pandemic-stamped film. Sam Levinson found a slot of a few days between June and July 2020, when filming could start again, to film a romance worn by Zendaya and John David Washington. A minimalist distribution, for a story that will be satisfied with a single location.

The scenario takes place after a preview. A director, Malcolm, returns home with his girlfriend, Marie. He is convinced that his work will be a great commercial success when it is released in theaters. But the evening that the lovers will spend has some surprises in store for them. Revelations about their love promise to test the strength of the bond that unites them.

Malcolm & Marie must be released on Netflix on February 5. The platform felt the right way and now unveils a first trailer. Image displays a beautiful black and white, while the two characters love each other, push each other away, test each other. With two such talented actors, we expect nothing more than a meeting at the top in the splendid setting of the Caterpillar House (a very special house in California). How not to fall, already, under the spell of their obvious alchemy? Our confidence is all the more heightened as we know what Sam Levinson is capable of. Even more since meeting Zendaya. Both have been brilliant on Euphoria and we cannot imagine anything other than a new fruitful collaboration. They also met for a special episode of the HBO series, again shot while respecting sanitary conditions. This is proof that restrictions are not a barrier to inspiration. As long as the talent is there.

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