THE STAND : Les acteurs et leur rapport avec Stephen King

Stephen King is such a well-known American author that it is difficult to get through his work be it a book, a movie or a series. The author is everywhere and he is so prolific. The Stand or The scourge in French is one of his most legendary books. The adaptation of this novel is not only not obvious but it is also an event hence this mini-series event to be discovered on Starzplay. All the actors I had in the Zoom interview have a special relationship with the works of Stephen King more or less close. Discover the relationship of the actors of The Stand with Stephen King. Interview of James Marsden, Greg Kinnear, Odessa Young, Amber Heard, Katherine McNamara, Nat Wolff, Henry Zaga and Brad  William Henke.

As a reminder, in this version of The Stand sure Starzplay, Stephen King himself helped his son rewrote the end of his novel for the miniseries. Thus, the end of the mini-series is not the same, more current but it remains imagined by Stephen King in person. Just for that, it’s worth seeing The Stand, the mini-series.

Super fans of Stephen King and The Stand!

Passionate fans!

Amber Heard : “I’ve been a fan of this book for a very long time, ever since I was a kid and it meant something to me. I was a lonely and clumsy eight year old. Books were like the only friend I had for a long time. And so I really like this book. I don’t know, he has a special place in my heart. And I met Josh Boone, who created the adaptation, and I met him about 10 years ago and talked about this book. And we just geeked out on it. In general, in my career, I have learned a very important lesson. Always trust a geek when it comes to genre, sci-fi and fantasy, especially always trust the geek. And, you know, Josh is a super geek and really loves this material. And that was about 10 years ago or something like that when I started talking to him. It took a long time ”.

Nat Wolff : “I’ve been a huge Stephen King fan since I was a kid, and the surprising thing about his stories is that there might be a book that I read when I was nine or twelve. or a movie that I saw, they really stay in your memory. And I think it’s because of the depth of the characters. You cannot forget them. You will never forget the characters of Count on me, the children of Count on me. You will never forget the madwoman in Misery. You know, they get stuck in our heads. And my favorite Stephen King book is The Stand. I’m lucky to be in the adaptation ”

Henry zaga : “My relationship with The Stand dates back to 2017 on the set of New Mutants with Josh Boone. A different project, and I was reading The Stand for the first time and Josh stopped me and asked me why I was reading The Stand? Qu do you mean is be a good book. And then he just said this book changed his life because he wrote to Mr King and he answered him. And it was just this amazing, like a love letter to Mr. King, that’s how Josh described it. And I was like, OK, first off, let me finish this book and let’s talk about it. So we did. And it was just amazing how much he loved the story and it made me love it even more, just seeing how passionate it made him. And then years later he said, I can’t stop thinking about you for Nick. And we talked so much about Nick after reading it, how interesting this character was. And he told me, I can’t imagine anyone else playing it. This is how it happened. More. Yes, I knew well ”.

Katherine McNamara :”I think what always attracted me to Stephen King is the kind of duality he has because he has this ability to really scare us and drag us into these absurd worlds. But I still find that it is not the absurdity or the supernatural that is the most terrifying, but it is this part of humanity that he explores, which we are capable of when we are placed in certain circumstances, it touches us very closely, but that too forces you to consider your own humanity in these situations ”.

Fan of Stephen King and their character in The Stand!

James Marsden : “I have always been a Stephen King fan all my life. I love all of his books, films and series. I knew Stu well. I knew this character is an iconic character in Stephen King’s universe and it was important for me to interpret him correctly. I grew up in Oklahoma City, a suburb of Oklahoma City with rather humble beginnings and Stu comes from a similar background in some way and maybe an even smaller town in east Texas. He is an ordinary man and he imposes himself in extraordinary circumstances. That says a lot about this character and how he reacts to it all. Characters like Randall Flagg and the Super Villains in fiction are always funnier to play and many times funnier to see. But, the strict code Stu received from his small town, from his upbringing, makes him a good leader when he arrives in Boulder. He is a man with strong opinions on what is right and wrong. In the face of a crisis, he happens to be a reluctant hero or one of the reluctant heroes who has figured out how to restart a company while the button reset has been engaged. I felt like this was the man I could have been. He is not a straight man. He’s not a man who talks a lot, but he always listens and he’s smart. He wants to do things right. But it is not without its weaknesses. He certainly has flaws. It all made sense with me when I read the book. I thought it was a great opportunity to be part of Stephen King’s universe, but also to play an iconic character ”.

Greg Kinnear : “I read the book when I was in high school and this book stuck with me. I found it amazing in terms of discussing and examining right and wrong and this duality. I remembered Glen. Josh Boone who I worked on a movie with, it was his first movie and he loved Stephen King. He called me last year for Glen Bateman. It was awesome. I like its position in history. TEveryone is so lost after this horrible event in our history. And Glen had already retired from the company. And so he is in a different position from others. He’s not looking for anything. If there is anything, it just becomes a bit of a sociology study for him to see what people are capable of. And I think he has great doubts about the supernatural element in all of this. But he is forced to admit at some point that something is happening here that violates his own understanding. And, yes, a lot of a lot of questions, I think. And at the same time, he seems to have a very clear way on how to deal with a pandemic. I could have used it at home for the past nine months ”?

Fan of Stephen King but less literary!

Odessa Young : ”I was a King fan before and I admit I haven’t read any Stephen King before. I worked on The Stand. I was a fan of his legacy of sorts as a writer, his adaptations that became movies. Christine (1983), directed by John Carpenter is one of my favorite movies. That killer car… Since working on The Stand and being part of that legacy, I have a whole new appreciation for him and a great respect for him. I believe he is a gift to the world because he can take our most primal fears and dreams and regurgitate them in such a way that we feel them, luckily that is not our reality. So it was wonderful to work on something that he brought to the world ”.

Brad William Henke : ”I was a big fan, I liked Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. I really like his stories, but I hadn’t read the book before I was offered the role. And then when I got the job I read all the scripts first and then I read the book and kind of use the book to add different layers and different ideas to the scenes that were in. scripts ”.

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