Brisa Fenoy and ‘Qutame’, her spiritual new single January 12, 2021

Brisa Fenoy Has published ‘Take me off’, his new single accompanied by the corresponding video clip. A song that is presented as a purifying journey towards the soul and a liberation from all the material that has been added to us in life.

of the same: “Qutame is a song that I recorded in Colombia and co-produced with @christiancastagno one of the best producers in my humble opinion.[…] Qutame symbolizes the beliefs of this society. What they impose on us since we are born and that conditions our way of thinking to feel living … if we remove our ideas and undress to a new re-learning of who we are. I am in that process. That’s why I take everything, except life. What would you take off? What makes you feel? I read you in the comments ”.

This new single follows recently released previous ones, ‘Muévete’ and ‘Bonita’, all previews of their new album that is scheduled to be released in February 2021.

The also model, composer, DJ, producer and director of solidarity documentaries Brisa Fenoy became known in 2018 for being the architect of success ‘The bad’ by Aitana and Ana Guerra in the program “Operación Triunfo”. But since she was little she has dedicated herself to music and at the age of 18 she already recorded her first album, always featuring themes with a social message. In the summer of 2017 he released his first single ‘Ella’ followed by other songs such as ‘Jericó’, ‘Tres minutos’, ‘Apátrida’, ‘Generación’, ‘Santos Ovarios’ or ‘Gula’ with La Mari de Chambao, among others.

Lyrics for ‘Qutame’ by Brisa Fenoy

Take off my clothesUndress me whole,Take off my jewelsThat hang on my neck,

Take me off my bodyEverything that squeezes meTake my moneyWhat gives me poverty,

Take away my cravingsThat give me clumsiness,Take away substancesNews Lagoon me anestesian,

Take away what I learnedOf all my headTake away what I asked,I want to settle my account,

To owe you nothingMake it worth itTo be at peace with meThat time does not wait,

Take it all away from meTake it all away, take it awayThe veil that I drownThat I can’t stand this

That I am drowning, little by little,Little, I drown.Little by little, little by littleI am drowning,

Little by little, little by little,And I am drowning, little by little

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