Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen’s development on full display against the Colts

The development Josh Allen has shown this year was on full display against the Indianapolis Colts.

It has seemed that Josh Allen has had to constantly silence critics with his play all season. After his fast start to the season with four great weeks, the critics said to show it over a full season.

He would go on to do just that with over 4,500 passing yards, 37 passing touchdowns, and a career-high 69.2% completion percentage. The play of Allen was a key reason the Buffalo Bills would win the AFC East and secure the two seed in the playoff.

However, there were still some that said it was only the regular season and he would need to do it in the playoffs. While it wasn’t perfect, it was an excellent performance and fans only need to look at last year’s playoff loss to see the true development Josh Allen has made at quarterback but also as a leader of this offense.

Last year against the Houston Texans, Josh Allen went 24 of 46 for 246 yards with no passing touchdowns, no interceptions but did have a receiving touchdown. The Bills would build a 16 point lead but as the Texans came back, the offense didn’t have an answer and Josh Allen wasn’t able to help lead the team to a win.

This season, Josh Allen got off to a slow start but was able to turn it around at the end of the first half. He continued to play well the rest of the way and finished the game 26 of 35 for 324 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, and one rushing touchdown.

More importantly, Allen was able to keep the Bills on the field even as the Colts were cutting down their lead. After the Colts cut the lead down to 24-16, Allen led a seven-play drive that included six pass attempts and one rush attempt from the Buffalo Bills quarterback. The drive would end with a field goal, which was enough to continue to give the Bills a two-score lead.

The fact that Brian Daboll had the confidence in Josh Allen to throw the ball at this point in the game and the Bills quarterback answered with at least some points is just another example of the development he has shown in his third year in the league.

This game wasn’t all perfect from Allen and the critics will point to the sack-fumble he had in the second half that thankfully was recovered by Daryl Williams. There is still room to grow for the Buffalo Bills quarterback but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That is something that should have fans the most excited because they may not have seen the best Josh Allen quite yet.

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