Family build eco-friendly dome to live in on an island off the coast of Norway

Ingrid Marie Hjertefølger, 38, and her partner Benjamin, 34, used to live a perfectly normal life in a perfectly normal home.

But a few years ago, the vegan family decided to make a change – and they put in plenty of hard work to make that happen.

Ingrid, who works as a nurse, was on the hunt for an environmentally home where she could grow her own fruit and vegetables, but soon realised it might be less faff to just build her own property.

So that’s what she and Benjamin did, spending £298,640 crafting their own environmentally conscious home, which sits under a large solar dome.

That’s a lot of money, but the couple do make the costs back thanks to the massive slash in their household bills, as they use minimal electricity and their water is heated by solar collectors.

Plus, as the family live off homegrown vegetables, they have minimal regular costs.

The incredible home now sits on an island on the south of Bodo, Norway.

Mum-of-four Ingrid said: ‘We are a vegan family who practice a sustainable lifestyle.

‘We wanted an eco-friendly home to call our own.

‘We drew the house and built it using straw, clay and sand.

‘We paid someone to build the solar dome, which is made from aluminium and glass.’

The dome’s diameter is 15 metres and 176 metres squared, while the cob-house within is 240 metres squared – larger than a single tennis court.

Children Julia 16, Gabriel 14, Aron, 11 and Alvin, five, all have their own bedroom in the home.

The property also has two bathrooms, a dining room, a garage, and a deck at the top of the dome to look out from.

Ingrid adds: ‘We used to rent a four-bed wooden home – now we have five bedrooms and couldn’t be happier.

‘We don’t miss anything about living in a “normal” house.

‘All of the materials used were reclaimed.

‘We use less heating and eat locally grown organic food from the greenhouse.

‘We have a water recycling system that turns all our wastewater into fruits and vegetables and clean water leaves the house.

‘The only excess water from the household used for watering the plants.’

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