NY Jets build around Sam Darnold in 7-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

NY Jets Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The NY Jets opted to build around Sam Darnold in this 2021 NFL Mock Draft.

The NY Jets are going to have a very difficult, yet intriguing decision to make in the coming months. Do they stick with and build around him or look to replace him in the 2021 NFL Draft?

That will be the million-dollar question this offseason, and it isn’t one that has a definite answer at this point. There’s an argument to be made for both scenarios.

That said, the likeliest — and probably the wisest — decision still seems to be moving on from Darnold and drafting his replacement. From a logistical and financial standpoint, it just makes the most sense.

But what if they don’t do that? What if Joe Douglas is willing to bet his and the Jets’ future on Darnold turning things around? It remains a possibility.

We’ve been doing weekly mock drafts since September and every single one of them has had the Jets taking a quarterback with the second overall pick. But seeing as that’s far from a guaranteed decision, we figured it was time to switch things up.

There will be no trades — so the very likely possibility of a trade down won’t be in play — but we won’t be selecting a quarterback. Instead, the Jets will attempt to build around Sam Darnold in an effort to salvage his once-promising career.

As usual, we used to put together a hypothetical scenario of April’s draft. And it’s safe to say that if Darnold is going to find success, our mock gives him as good a chance as any.

Let’s take a look at the talented players we were able to land.

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