Press review: What / If

Today, Netflix launches its new series, [[What/If]].

What / If follows her cash-strapped newlyweds who accept a lucrative but morally questionable offer from a mysterious benefactress.

In the cast, we find Renée Zellweger, Jane Levy and Blake Jenner.

On the critical side, the opinions tend to agree that this is pure and hard guilty pleasure:

His sense of shameless entertainment shapes the series … As it is, it’s a fascinating soap, anchored by a star who does what she can with a very strange moment.– Variety/Daniel D’Addario

When Zellweger is not on screen, the series is almost empty, a neo-noir soap, empty and forgettable. As soon as it appears, the show is still all of those things – but please pass me the popcorn!– Shoemaker

What / If teases us with its basic concept, but in its execution, we lose interest.– CNN/Brian Lowry

Definitely bad for you, but hard to resist.– TV Guide Magazine/Matt Roush

Watch the series trailer What/If :

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