Rosalie Vaillancourt publishes a message in response to Julien Lacroix’s mea culpa and it goes viral

Recall that the latter had been targeted by many allegations in July of 2020, during the wave of denunciations of sexual misconduct and harassment in Quebec, and had since withdrawn from social networks, in addition to taking a professional break – somewhat obliged, since his managers and partners had severed ties with him following the allegations.

Yesterday, January 12, 2021, Julien tried, in a somewhat awkward way, to make a comeback on social networks by posting a long message of apology, trying to “repent” and justify his actions.

Obviously, this message of apology did not please everyone, and many did not hesitate to respond.

I don’t want to be funny tonight. I hate to be serious, but now I’m too uncomfortable and sad. I have…

Posted by Rosalie Vaillancourt on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

« I don’t want to be funny tonight. I hate to be serious, but now I’m too uncomfortable and sad.I read his apology with sweaty hands. It’s only been 6 months. It’s still the thing that I hear the most about in my interviews …

Julien was my friend. We were working together. I denounced a friend, not to denounce an isolated act I witnessed, but in the hope of seeing a change in culture.

There really isn’t much change if 6 months after a concrete post someone comes up with an apology on social media and gets given so manyexposure. Newspapers, shares, likes.

* I don’t believe people can’t have a second chance. I believe in rehabilitation. *

I am hopeful that people are improving.

However, it is so rushed and I must admit that I have difficulty seeing that it has come a long way with the victims.

There we are talking about years of violence. Teenage girls who finished their master’s degree this year and who still have her presence in mind. They were so marked that they decided, 10 years later, to speak to Le Devoir. And you, in 6 months …?

There is a lack of a game of proportions there.

I am in good faith. I have good hope in life. I am for redemption. But at the moment it seems to me to be a formatted message. A message written by image professionals.

It’s a good apology Julien but there are words missing in your apology:

Rape, physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence, assault, harassment.

How much the disease of alcoholism can evacuate sexual violence AND collective memory !?

Honestly, since August, I have lost hope in my midst. Rumors that he is working with a production company right now to return, and has been for a long time, are quite disturbing.

A beautiful agenda:

6 months after the article, we apologize. The day before, small change of profile picture. In 6 months; your first interview. In a year; your show where you will make us laugh on your detox.

It’s so vulgar and at the same time realistic.

Behind every word weighed, he has tested the waters for his return.

And what is the field?

There are many people who are less disturbed to see 9 women suffer (not counting those who did not want to speak publicly) than to see Julien again.

A question to the artists that I know very well and who have liké Julien’s publication:

Would you have liké this publication if it was your daughter who had been raped, assaulted or simply forcibly kissed 6 months after learning about it in the newspapers? Would you really liké an apology from someone who evacuates sexual violence with the excuse: “inner demons”?

I am not going after his case, I do not want to make him a martyr, I want a change of culture in the artistic, media and cultural environment. I just want us to be prudent and transparent.

With that, I’m gonna keep making you laugh, trying to forget how bad this environment is fake “, Can we read in Rosalie’s Facebook post, published only 12 hours ago and already counting more than 3,700 shares and nearly 1,700 comments.

Others preferred to go there in the satyr, like Paul Cèxe who yesterday shared with his audience the following publication:


Posted by Paul Cèxe on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

This gives a good idea of ​​the reaction of many Quebecers to this mea culpa from Lacroix, and we definitely apprehend the rest of things …

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